The Limbo Of Insanity
Death Triumphant
With Veins Wide Open
Aeons Of Bloodlust
Relinquishment From The Unlighted Chambers
Hellstorms Over The Empyrean
Inhale The Embers
Devilry, Wickedness And Scorn
Curse Of The Manifest
För Dem mitt Blod (bonus track for digipak version)




Infaustus - vocals 
Mysteriis - drums
Kraath - lead guitar
Funestus Inferis –

SETHERIAL: "Death triumphant"  setherial          


Drums, vocals and guitars was recorded November 2005 at Abyss Studio by Setherial, engineered by Tommy Tägtgren. Bass Recorded in january 2006, at Setherial Studio by Mysteriis. Mixed and mastered by Sverker Widgren in co-operation with Mysteriis in january 2006, at Necromorbus Studio. Produced by Mysteriis and Setherial. Cover and additional artworks by Kris Vervimp.

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review by Artur Felicijan____                 

Very extreme and to many ears it might sound as a very committed piece of work, but a notion of disenchantment is hard to remain concealed. 

Being enthralled by this band's debut album "Nord" almost ten years ago, I was sure I had discovered a band that was to become one of my favorites. Their second release "Lords of the Nightrealm" proved me right. Tenebrous atmosphere, ruthless performance and overall musical aggression created a memorizing and an original piece of satanic art. I recall the band itself was not satisfied with the recording because of it's production which invoked quite a few debates whether the band belongs more to the Norwegian scene, despite being Swedish. Since then, Setherial obviously made an effort to sound as Swedish as possible, gaining typical production of the Abyss Studio on their third album "Hell Eternal". However, much of the band's mysterious atmosphere vanished along with their old murky sound and production. Constant line-up changes and internal difficulties evidently affected the song-writing, having the band lean more towards traditional, and less original.


After a three year absence and break-up speculation from the sides of the fans and media, Setherial recur with "Death Triumphant", a contemplating successor to "Hell Eternal" and "Endtime Divine". Production strong and technically attained it is definitely the best sounding Setherial album, leaving their previous releases in dust, and giving "Nord" and "Lords of the Nightrealm" almost an old demo insignia. Nevertheless, the distinction of the Abyss Studio again varnished their sound to such level of clarity, it hardly remains mystifying black metal at all. Much to my dissent, Setherial patently desire to achieve their goal in making their new albums sound better than the old ones (in terms of production), in preference to originality. The new material is another chapter since their "Hell Eternal" era, quite straight-forward, with minor rhythmic braking exceptions, thoroughly fast, allegedly fancying the late 90's black metal works of their several fellow countrymen bands. As if wishing to satisfy the fans of brutal black metal. Massive drum blasts, more or less patterned guitar shredding throughout the album should probably bring the feeling of constant extremism, yet the problem is, you kind of get used to it with every single song, thus much of the intensity seems to be strayed. The vocals are now held by Infaustus (Kristoffer Olivious, Naglfar), who does not really differ from the technique that their previous singer Wrath had. Kraath (lead vocals on "Lords of the Nightrealm), who is now handling guitars, used to perform at a far greater level on the basis of originality and pure hateful impression. His vocals were so intense, devoted and unfeigned! Unfortunately, in order to achieve that, Kraath suffered a terminal vocal chord impairment. Now, that's what I call screaming your guts out!


"Death Triumphant" is without a doubt very extreme and to many ears it might sound as a very committed piece of work, and without a doubt the band did technically progress, but, with so many other releases as such already heard 10 years ago, and more original ones from this band itself, a notion of disenchantment is hard to remain concealed. It is a fast, brutal and extreme release and a perfect example of most typical Swedish Black Metal you can get today. Whether this is good or bad, the fans will decide.

rating: 7/10  

Favorite songs: With Veins wide open

Artur Felicijan     26.06.2006  

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