• Beyond The Ocean (Intro)
  • A Step Between The Worlds
  • Levy Your Soul From Hate
  • Tale Of The Forgotten Dreams
  • Angels Eyes
  • Open Your Mind
  • Storm III
  • Until You Come Again
  • Wings Of Dawn
  • Touch of your Love
  • Burning Heart
  • One Life ends

Herbie Langhans - Vocals, Guitars
Florian Gottsleben -
Geronimo Stade -
Mike Pflüger -


SEVENTH AVENUE: "Between the Worlds"    www.seventh-avenue.de    release 27.01.2003 Massacre Records

Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath77" Russo_____________________________

Please stop to this imitations!!!!! In my opinion this band is the usual power melodic band that tries to imitate Helloween, Blind Guardian , Stratovarius & C
The cd doesn't sound bad but there's nothing original and listening to all these songs i think  it's a shame to see that these good musicians imitate the usual power metal bands.
What may i say? It's a mediocre cd, that every Power aficionado may appreciate but .....if you have already bought Keeper of the sevn Keys  part II (Helloween) or INFINITY (Stratovarius), you'll find that it would be an useless purchase because this is a bad copy of that sound, unfortunately very far from the emphasis of those masterpieces. 
Nothing to say  regarding the tecnique and the arrangements, even if sometimes the singer raises  his voice too much so that it becomes disagreeable!!!!!
The usual guitar riffs are those that we listen one million of times to:  what a boredome!!!!!!!!
The melodies are not always  up to the task and sometimes the good tecnique of the musicians fills the songs with solos. 
There's nothing i can  remember about this album after having listened to it...i presume that this cd is destinated to be covered by dust , for this reason i advice you to buy something else.
Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland Impressum