Eternal Life
Things Like That
U Feel
The Rain
Hunting High And Low
Fading Memory
New Attraction
Anybody Out There?
I Wanna Live
Farewell (To The Campion) [Bonus Track]




Matthias Schenk - Vocals
Johannes Löhr - Guitars
Oliver Thiergärtner - Keyboards
Steven Wussow - Bass
Achim Thiergärtner - Drums

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Interview with Matthias Schenk_2007

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

To get the essence of the heart.


This album is a precious box for me….A box of emotions….

Three years ago Shylock realized a true masterpiece of Melodic Power Rock called “Welcome to Illusion”…An album full of emotions played with an original sound and a sensitive way, in order to create melodies enhanced by a very incredible arrangement ..catchy but great in all senses…

The band returns after 3 years and the result is about the same…

Maybe I feel the lack of ballads like “Late Night Show” or “Lose you” contained in the previous work, ballades that would be able to break the coldest soul thanks to astonishing crying melodies…but this new album too gets many heart-attack- songs that are the confirm of an original band that can be appreciated both by all melodic rock fans and by  those who likes Hard-Rock, and also Him, Negative, ecc…

The sound gets an incredible easy arrangement valorized by the band, able to create great structured songs, played in a awesome way!!

Refrains are soaked with much sensitiveness that seems to get the essence of the heart….and even if there are a couple of mediocre ideas, the whole album is a “box of emotions”.

Matthias Schenk gets a great voice and can express deep sensations in every interpretation, supported by a band able to give the soul to every song!!! The dynamics of the song are rendered at the top by a perfect execution made by every members that gets the soul of every note…

Most of the songs of this album get all the characteristics to be a rock-hit, and it’s hard to describe every single song… It’s like a  piece of a puzzle that creates a perfect picture…

Ok. But I try to describe this travel ….

“Eternal Life” opens the album…Pure modern-rock with all the characteristics of old school!!!  The melody seems to turn on the lights into this magic cd….

“Things like that” is another rock song played with their unmistakable style that joins a particular melodic rock attitude mixed to an amazing sensitiveness that evokes a deep mood in every note!!!!

“Music” keeps on the same direction …and the dream goes on…..

“U feel “ is an incredible hit characterized by a great rhythmic and by the usual unmistakable refrain…UNIQUE!!!!   I can’t stop to play this song!!!

The beautiful “The rain” is pure modern-Shylock rock.. This is the right definition!!  It’s characterized by  Matthias` great voice…what a great voice!!!!  

In “Ocean” is the band shows to give the right importance to electronic effects to create a better atmosphere!! It may be the less beautiful song (in my opinion) ..but in this contest it’s hard to find something wrong!!!

“Castaway” is another hit!!!! The good melody is made through an easy structure that gets a great refrain!

A potential single is “Again”…a song characterized by a deep feeling even if it’s immersed into a rock dream!

A not very inspired song, in my opinion, is “Hunting High & Low” that doesn’t find the usual deep approach in the mood, and also “Fading Memory” is not at the top…

The album finds again its dream with “New Attraction” that is a Power ballad that gets an incredible refrain full of sweetness and determination…what a beautiful song!!!!!

The album goes on with a couple of  valid songs that are “Anybody out there” and “I wanna live” before closing with a song dedicated to Thomas Hässler  (ex-footballer and owner of MTM music) called “Farewell to the Champion”,  that is a great aor-anthem full of passion and characterized by Shylock's great style…

With my "devotion"….a great band and a great cd ..

rating: 8,8/10


Salvo  Russo    12.11.2007
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