01 Intro
02 Longing for
03 Backstabber
04 My only
Family (my only enemy)
05 Old world
06 Suffer in Silence
07 To each his own
Feather (bonustrack)


Tobbe Jansson: Vocals

Tommi Djukin: Acoustic\Rhythm\Lead Guitar\Growls

Johan Strende: Drums\Percussion\Piano

Peter Henningsson: Acoustic\Lead Guitar

Anders Frykebrant: Bass


SILENT SCYTHE : "Longing for Sorrow"    www.silentscythe.tk 

taste it : longing for sorrow

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

A very complex realise this “Longing For Sorrow” from the Swedish Silent Scyte.

Pure power, with double bass drums and pedal becoming ever more thick, playing with a rolling and smooth bass working that sweetens the hard melodic line of scratching riffs, in full Swedish Death style. Very good assemblage between rhythm and solos, clearly marked out since the first song, and titletrack, of the cd: “Longing For Sorrow”.

An exalting musical experience to those that, like me, are born with the deathmetal and is continuously looking for new and higher sonorities.

Well, the Silent Scythe fully show a very personal style playing with effect, and giving us very strong and suggestive developing on a carrying structure built by giants of this genre, such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity e Soilwork.

Driving and resolute is “Old World Disorder”, where the vocals by Tobbe Janson unknot between really mad snare drum and double bass drums and a rhythmic and fluid bass tied to imposing guitars in their melodic performance (almost prog), and in their “evil” ed aggressive one as well (typically Death).

This “Longing For Sorrow” is a very well detailed work that never shows the fact that it is a self-production, as musical realise and as artwork as well: in the latter a very patient work can be found, born from extremely perfectionist minds.

My Only Family” and “Bockstabber” are two songs that tend to play in contrast: the one with a more delicate and redundant sound, while the other high and powerful, with unceasing double bass drums (inhuman),  that grow on and on and on to explode in a screaming and choral finale that transmits the wish to yell and be free.

Yes… the Death of Silent Scythe is an outburst for all the Death hearts that very well know how a technical and original sound can instill emotions and manifestations of strenght and determination.

And the real stars are coming now, with “Suffer In Silence” (the title speaks for its own): aulic, felt, with great intepretative capability; an interlocking of movements and sonorities that becomes a demonic fireball that heats the damned souls of the more skeptical ones, then misplacing with a delicate and fluid chorus.

A different setting, respect to the previous ones is “To Each His Own”, that leads to the end of this album: it is a song marching towards the darkness with pride, driving in the sound, remarking peronality and originality.

A daring song that allows to discover the arts of this band that bewitches and binds in a high level sound experience.

A sort of ghost track hides in this cd…it is “Feather”. Enigmatic, completely acoustic, it develops thanks to a work of guitar and percussions. A choral ballad that creates a dualistic sensation of melancholy and happiness…quite beautiful…

Overall a true discovery these Silent Scythe… thanks guys for your music.


Rating: 9/10

Sara De Vita  

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