1.Into Illusions
3.Scattered Lands
4.The Fall
5.Strange (Un)reality
6.Back to Reality




Antonis Vatsareas-vocals/guitars
Kostas Fotiou-Guitars
Kostas Anagnostou-Drums

SIN DECADE: "Sin Decade"  - demo -   contact email:sin_decade_band@yahoo.gr

review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

They are surely Opeth and Kreator fans and they  respect their mentors.

Sin Decade are from Volos, Greece, a city from which many great bands emerge lately. These guys present their first recording effort with this demo and it makes a good impression with interesting compositions. The demo begins with the short introduction song 'Into Illusions'. A nice opener that gets the listener in the right mood for the rest of the cd. Next is 'Weak' a song with some cool riffs and solos. 'Scattered Lands' is a great thrash tune with killer riffs and spitting vocals. A song that shows that this band has the potential and the skills for a good debut album, that is if they manage to do the perfect mix of their wide range of influences which can be heard in the next track called 'The Fall'. That song is a ballad with clean vocals, very Opeth-like and although the previous songs were very aggressive, the ballad fits with the whole. 'Strange Unreality' is my personal favourite of this demo cd. What we've got here is a great song, with a nice structure and very interesting chorus!. The last track of the demo is 'Back to Reality', another acoustic ballad with Opeth and Anathema influences and is a great closing for the cd. The song ends very soon but if you fast forward the silent part in the end after a couple of minutes there is a brilliant instrumental medley with acoustic guitars, a part that you must listen if you own this cd. 

In general, all i have to say about Sin Decade is that these guys have a good future ahead of them if they try a little bit more and try to write more good songs. The influences are well balanced and hopefully they don't sound like replicas as someone reading this might have imagined. They are surely Opeth and Kreator fans and they respect their mentors .I look forward to listening a new recording by them with more songs, better production and hopefully more experimental songs.

Dimitris Theodoropoulos
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