1. Relic of Possession

2. Bleeding towards the Wendigo

3. Creative Killings

4. Judicious Murder

5. Reviving the Dead

6. Early gothic Horror

7. Moralistic Suffering

8.Altering the Beast

9. Season of the Wicked

10. Storm in my Mind

+ Bonus Songs



Rachel - vocals

Alex - bass

Bart - guitars

Aad - drums

SINISTER: "Creative Killings"                                 karmageddon media 

re-release - distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___               

This is an in 2002 already published longplay of the sadly no more existing Dutch death metal cracks, peppered with a few additional songs. On this output Sinister surprise at the beginning in a somehow confusing way. Do I really hear an intro with acoustic guitars?! And also with MELODIES?! Yes indeed!! O.k. this is almost a little bit too much, who could imagine, that Sinister are able to compose real melodies?! Not me!! The rest of the cd is true Sinister sound as we know and love it since times of “Cross the Styx”.

Nobody would believe, that the vocals are performed by a good looking and fragile little woman, but Hell!! What a grunt comes out from such a gentle throat!! 

The guitars are in my opinion a little bit too flat, in the sense, that the listener can hear very well, that this band only has one “axe player”. But once got used to that, its very easy to lean back and dwell in the depths of this death metal masterpiece!!

Riffs hard as the hardest rock, drums as fast as the fastest hammer, and as I said, vocals as guttural as vocals can be!! The last strike of the regular album "Storm in my mind" is a very good cover from  the  1987 EP "The Eyes of Horror" composed by the legendary Possessed. Great!! For the rest its pretty hard to recommend a single song, because every compositon has its strong moments, so that the best to do is probably to put the volume at the highest possible level, to press the “play” button and to begin to bang as bloody hell!!

rating:   8/10


Gianrichy Giamboi
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