20- 22/05/2002
SIRENIA: "At Sixes And Sevens"    (54:02)       

2 reviews : in Italian and in English

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  


Vi ricordate di Morten Veland? Beh è l'ex cantante/chitarrista dei grandiosi Tristania; è proprio il fautore di questo bellissimo cd di pure gothic metal che apprezzerete senz'altro. Stiamo parlando di un lavoro legato alle radici di questo genere, infatti Morten si rifà alla musica dei Tristania, soprattutto quelli di Beyond the veil. Il cd in questione ci presenta nove brani in cui si nota subito la presenza dell'eterea voce di Fabienne Gondamin, una ragazza francese davvero abilissima; i taglienti riff dei pezzi , lo scream vocal, le clean vocals di Jan Kenneth, batteria davvero martellante, e poi quell'atmosfera gotico-religiosa che rene il tutto davvero speciale; a volte sembra quasi di ascoltare un'opera metal ma di gran classe. Il songwriting di Morten resta invariato e la qualità della musica non si discute.
 Stupenda "Meridian" che apre le danze, mentre la successiva "Sister Nightfall" è davvero commerciale nel suo incedere e denota una grande vena compositiva.
 Mi piace tantissimo anche "On the wane" che mi ricorda tantissimo i Lacuna Coil fino al momento in cui i cori epici e il growl rende il pezzo un assoluto capolavoro di gothic metal. 
Sulle stesse coordinate "In a manica" che denota ancora una volta le indiscusse capacità non solo compositive ma anche tecniche.
Un ascolto superficiale a questo tipo musica non ne farebbe mai apprezzare tutti i particolari artistici e tecnici, se amate i Tristania, Morten Veland non vi deluderà neppure questa volta.

Salvo Russo



review  by Ayhan "Neotyrant" Sahin____


Morten Veland, the former guitarist and voice of the Tristania, finally screams again through our ears with his new project Sirenia.  Maybe the other band members will be pissed off because of the official seal ‘Tristania’s former member’s band’,  but it’s true anyway. And without that seal, I’m sure that this work would be underestimated in the sea of newly formed goth-rock-doom bands. But when you listen the album you will be confused that who will need the mark of Morten. Tristania or Sirenia??? Yeah whatever; before Tristania fans thrust a knife on my forehead we better get on our work.

 First of all to avoid losing time you better stop reading and go to buy that brilliant album. You will read the review when you are back. (yeah I love you too!) Because there will be nothing in your mind but to buy it after reading the review. So why do you spend your time sitting like scarecrow. Review is over. Are you still here?

 For who don’t have the money or balls to go outside here is what I think. Sirenia carries out a great work by combining best parts of all genres. I mean in how many bands you can hear female choirs? I hear you saying ‘hundreds’. Now add it a great female elf! voice, amazingly suited male choir that reminds me Gregorian chant, one of the best scream vocal performance you have ever heard, slightly absorbed keyboards, stringed instruments and drums that make you feel like listening to  london philharmonic orchestra, the well known powerful rhythm guitar style of goth scene that carrying out the melodies like that you have never heard before, headbanging riffs between bridges etc. And all of that stuff is in one cd. Needless to say great work and well done. 

    All 9 songs are great (well there is enough material for another full length  album in this cd, believe me). A shadow of your own self (definetely the best gothicmetal song I have heard for months), in a manica, meridian… the list goes on.

  Yes you can smell the influences that the band consists of but they are not disturbing you nose, in fact they are so dissolved in a bowl that the result is an unique art. And every element of this art is so combined that you can’t separate one from another. (read Patrick Suskind’s ‘Das Parfume’, and you will understand me better). It’s a hard work to carry lots of watermelon under your one arm and Sirenia seems to manage to do it. For now at least. So this means whatever you listen is (gothic, black, doom, even power),  this band deserves some serious attention.

  Are you still reading? Go, go, go…


Ayhan "Neotyrant" Sahin 


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