The Last Night
Yours to Hold
Better Than Drugs
The Older I Get
Those Nights
Falling Inside the Black
Say Goodbye
Whispers in the Dark
Looking for Angels




John Cooper - Lead Vocals, Bass
Korey Cooper - Keys, Vocals
Ben Kasaica - Guitar
Lori Peters - Drums

SKILLET: "Comatose"    skillet                Atlantic  Records


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


This is a good contribution to Metal

Well, This on may a bit out of the realm of many of the readers to this site but I think that it is a good contribution to Metal.  

I know the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Christian Metal (well second to they donít mix) is Stryper, the 80ís hair metal band from the mainstream religious camp.  Lyrics aside which are positive and more upbeat than your typical metal platter, the sound is well constructed and arranged.    

Three years from their last release Skillet has produced a more mature sound which has already resulted in much acclaim.  With each of the seven albums they continue to push the limits and reinvent what Christian metal should be, far removed from its restraints that were imposed by its conception.   Like its secular counter part Skillet has incorporated volume, multiple instruments and classical overtones.  Though not as aggressive as Death or Black this album is still heavy and will have you singing along.  My favorite song is #5 Comatose, with its orchestrated into and end.  So, check out Skillet voted best Group/Album  by  also  or on their myspace page.

air guitar score: 9/10  


Steve Rautner   09.12.2006 
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