2.Cold song
3.Blind man
4.Red river
5.Wicked star
6.Blacksmith of Soul
7.Angel in black
8.Murderer soul
9:The Wheel




Mak - guitars, bass

Nik - vocals

Pud - drums

SLUDGE: "Yellow acid Rain"                     sludge                               

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution - produced by Makro & Sludge
mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman


review by Artur Felicijan____   

A blast right into your face. heavy riffs, killer pounding rhythm, great vocals

As far as I know, Swiss metal history never really had an honourable number of bands that would represent it, but those metal groups that existed and still exist, present it very decently. The Swiss godfathers of metal, Celtic Frost left their legacy on to the revolutionary Samael that opened the way for new local metal enthusiasts as well as being great inspiration for many successful bands worldwide.

I desperately wanted to mention Samael, as they truly put the milestone in making of pure metal malevolence. Yet, their darksome atmosphere ended almost ten years ago and the masters of Helvetian modern art of blasphemy stepped off their throne and flew into fucking etherial rays of shining pussy kingdom.

The reason I mentioned Samael so many times is because every one of us that used to love them as a metal act and felt disappointed by their last few releases, is now about to be overjoyed by a new blasting wave out of Switzerland!

SLUDGE is a three-piece death metal aggression, holding Samael guitarist Makro, that will definitely attack the metal world with their latest full-length output "Yellow Acid Rain". Although, this death-trio did not emerge out of nowhere. In the second half of the 90's, Sludge released their first EP through Godhead Records, and released two critically acclaimed albums before 2000. In 2004 they began recording "Yellow Acid Rain" in their homeland and let Fredrik Nordström handle the mix at Fredman Studio. The result is really amazing, since Sludge were the head of production and had done all the work by themselves and the final touch from Mr. Nordström is very significant and will please the ears of all Fredman-sound fans.

If I needed to describe the music of this album, I'd just say it's a blast right into your face. Heavy riffs and low tuned guitar sawing, power drive throughout the album, killer pounding rhythm and great vocals, which without any doubt remind of Vorph's best vocal years, for my taste, respectively. The music however leans far more to old-school, sans-electronica death metal than to black metal or industrial. I tried to figure their definition and style through their lyrics and mental nature of Sludge, but I couldn't get deeper than finding the usual amount of malignance and extreme poetic orientation (death, piss, flesh, blood, brains, hell... etc.). No direct satanism or blasphemy though...

"Yellow Acid Rain" is a full-length shadow that will burn out the light, which their fellow countrymen tried to cast on the scene. It's a perfect album at this time for any fan of heavy & extreme music. If you enjoy the groove of Carcass, dark touch of Samael and the heaviness of Hypocrisy or even Morbid Angel at some point, you'll surely enjoy this album. Which reminds me that this is a really good European death metal album.

Favourite track: Blind Man


rating: 8.5/10

Artur Felicijan    
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