Desert Dust
The Fakest Jest
My Infinite

Gianluigi Girardi - Lead and backing Vocals
Francesca Badalini - Lead and rhythmic Guitars
Andrea Grumelli - Fretless Bass
Federica Badalini - Piano
Mauro De Brasi - Drums

Angapiemage Persico - Violin
Laura Stella - Violoncello
Maria Torelli - Act voice on "The Fakest Jest"


SOUL TAKERS: "Through the Silence of Words"   www.soultakers.net 



review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

It is told that we laugh or we cry when our soul needs to speak for us . Only few bands have been able to move me to tears (just remembering Paradise Lost and their One Second's live) , and Solutakers, though playing a total different genre,  have made me cry, cause in their very Melodic Power with Prog elements, there is such a depth of feelings, such emotional strength , such heavy desperation that you are sorrounded soon by a wave  of tormenting sadness like rarely even the more emotional gothic acts are able to imagine. You can only fall into an abyss of gentle and delicate depression and melancholy  , thinking of all things lost and past,thinking of unlucky lovers, but thinking also of hope and recovery . When they want, Soul Takers (a very proper name) can shoot very solid heavy riffs supported by a brilliant drumming which makes the band fly with steel and crepitant double bass discharges which balance and improve the typical Power proceeding - and this is the case of Desert Dust, but they can turn into deeply emotional bringers of sorrow when they activate their gentle melodies supported mainly by a tender but merciless piano, wonderfully played by Federica Badalini like in The fakest Jest and My Infinite. This Italian band is sensible and strong at the same time. Muscles of steel can suddenly become emotional webs of crystal, so while Desert Dust is more Melodic Power metal oriented, The Fakest Jest is mixing wonderfully these 2 attitudes, and the hard melodies reach an irresistible sadness thanks to  the weping piano, the violin,   the cello, and melodious guitar chords. On the whole The Fakest Jest is a very ecleptic song,  rich in  elements and facettes (a spoken intermezzo-act voice-  too) but each one  perfecly melt. My Infinite opens highly prog but soon delivers a fragile and passionate melody of sorrow which launches an uptempo Melodic Power heavy riding always supported by  highly melancholic notes which contrast with the propelling rhythmic sections . When you are almost convinced  that the song is fading away with this scheme, an hyper sad depressive melodious after-  outro (which is the real end of the track and of the whole mini CD) will surprise you with piano, cello and vocals only and will seal the complete tearful sadness, actually "falling down into a madness" of tears. The clean vocals are always well marked and are able to enhance this sensation of sadness given by the melodic plot and the instrumentation. Never, but really never vocals are too high, they are all round , sometimes very velvety, but strong , with the proper  theatricality, always full of expressiveness. Maybe Gianluigi Girardi may not have the super extension of certain interpreters, but i don't give a toss about , cause Girardi sings very well and we really can speak about a good clean singing .

Only 3 songs which are  also one year old, yes,  but they  are like little diamonds in your hands. Only 3 songs  but for almost 20 minutes of magic,and if i must tell this, though this genre is not my cup of blood, there will be a reason. Soul Takers represent emotional heavy music in one of their best sides A talent which comes from Milan , that will never stop to make me wonder how  exceptional the  arsenal of this town can be. 


rating:  8.3/10,  though 3 songs only

dalia di giacomo    

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