Runnin’ back to you

Get a Life

Someone like you

You’re the One

Too late for Love

Naked in the Rain

Everybody wanna R&R


Don’t fight it

Summertime Ladies


Torstein Flakne: Vocals, all electric acoustic guitars
Terje Storli: 4,5 & 8-string basses
Morten Skogstad: Drums


Trond Hustad: piano on ’Someone like you’.
Ronny Wikmark:
keyboards, percussion.
Mark Spiro:
background vocals on all songs.
Leslie Anne,
Summer Rae, Ruby Soliel: background vocals (The Hummingbirds)

Anne Judith Wik: background vocals on ’24/7’,’get a life’, ’too late for love’.
Petter Øien:
background vocals on  ’someone like you’, ’only’.
Thomas Henriksen:
additional keyboards on ’get a life’.

STAGE  DOLLS: "Get a Life"       stage dolls            Universal - (Norway)

Recorded at Nidaros Studios, Trondheim Norway and Whitewater Studios, Carlsbad California US winter/spring of 2004.
Engineered by Ronny Wikmark.
Frank Hellum: additional engineering. Mixed by Ronny Wikmark
Produced by Ronny Wikmark and Torstein Flakne


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Pure American hard rock for this historic  band from Norway .  This is the 11th cd and listening to it, it's impossible not to feel that typical 80's rock atmosphere; a "Must" for all those who feel the lack of 80s, even if the band sounds very similar to many others 80s bands...

The presence of the famous songwriter Mark Spire on all background vocals gives value to this good release, in which it's impossible not to think to the American beaches and that typical glam style...son of a never forgotten period...

Torstein Flakne (vocals) reminds me of Darren Warthon (Dare vocalist), in particular listening to "Too late for Love" that seems the best song of this album , together with the title-track; The first is a melodic deep song based on a mid-tempos rhythm, and a very good melody; the title-track is a typical hard-a.o.r. song in which the band is able to create a very cool riff guitar, that seems to remember of the best DANGER DANGER songs!

"Running back to you" is another very good a.o.r. song with a typical refrain.

"Someone like you" begins like their previous famous ballad "Hard to say goodbye" in which  Trond Hustad (he's  not a line-up member, he's a session-man) creates a romantic intro, developed into an intense ballad...Good vocals and very good arrangement.

"You're the One" is nothing special; a song in which the band creates a good sound  without delivering a powerful and original refrain...

Like I said before..."Too late for Love" is in my opinion the most intense song, in which I can't but remind of first DARE Album....

"Naked in the Rain" is another nice a.o.r. song in which the band is able to keep a high quality; my impression is that this cd doesn't get anything original, but Stage Dolls are able to bring us into that typical special 80's atmosphere with a sound full of intensity, though very easy in the structures. 


Get a Life shows some songs which are not very good at all, like "You're the One”,” Everybody wanna r&r", and also the mediocre "Only", that seems an easy pop song...with a banal refrain, but on the whole the good production and the good quality of most tracks makes this album very suitable for all 80's maniacs.

rating: 7,8/10


Salvo  Russo  

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