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01 Dying Delirium
02 Buried By Storm And Eternal Dar
03 All Paths Les To Oblivion
04 Hush-A-Bye
05 Two Lifeless Months
06 Expulse
07 Angel Of Death


total playtime: 43:07  min


Damien T.G vocals, all instruments

STIELAS  STORHETT: "Expulse"    Foto von Stielas Storhett     Code666 / Aural Music 

Feeling of doom and misery in new and intriguing ways. 
Stielas Storhett, the one man Russian Black Metal project of Damien T.G. , really deviates from his norm with "Expulse". Collectively there are more moments of total experimentation than traditional Black Metal. What is undeniably different from the moment I pressed play on the first track is the very polished production quality of this recording. It doesnít seem as if he was straining to be more Ďkvltí than his genre mates as before. He has bravely pushed the limits and pleasingly so. Without losing touch with the raw spirit of his previous releases, he established the same over arching feeling of doom and misery but in new and intriguing ways. 

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The start of the track one begins and sets the mood with the screams of a girl in obviously excruciating agony because thatís the feeling this record permeates throughout, agony in its most acute form. As an aside, I usually listen to the music Iím reviewing quite loudly and it took me by surprise when those shrieks suddenly burst from my speakers. I about tripped my self scrambling across my apartmentís living room to turn it down. I could only imagine myself trying to explain the commotion to my landlord ! Thereís a fair warning to those who buy it. But as ambushing as that was, the real surprises come after. The musical direction of this album is very classically inspired. 
There are allot of interludes that remind me of old psychedelic rock with soaring passages that feature a clean electric guitar and even some acoustic bits. There are some areas that border on Ďeasy listeningí although itís colored dark and done in a way that is still cold, melancholic, and desolate. What really surprised me is the use of a saxophone on the title track, at least I think itís a sax. I havenít ever heard one used by any metal band of the more extreme genres but I canít condemn or praise its use. Although, I feel like it didn't fit in well and seemed out of place.

Considering all that, this album is solid in maintaining a weighty and chilling atmosphere. It seems genuine and not like itís trying to emulate early Burzum as on previous releases. Its for sure a progressive take and weaves allot of varied influences together into a tapestry of the gravest material. But I actually would say itís so far Ďprogressedí from the archetypical BM, that it has become something completely different. You could say its a type of atmospheric guitar rock that has elements of BM rather than BM that has elements of atmospheric guitar rock added. Either way, It is memorable and Stielas Storhett has really put his toes right on the edge. 



written  by Gary Saul 

        Gary Saul is reviewer for and  based in the U.S.A. he can be reached on facebook.


September 2011


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