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STONEMAN: "Human Hater"   Foto von Stoneman      twilight-Vertrieb 


review by Matthew Haumschild___ 


I  have a feeling, this band is smashing live.   

          I can say honestly that, “Human Hater” isn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever listened to, but it isn’t all that bad either. I tried to take my time reviewing this one for everyone in the metal underground, to determine if it’s worth a buy or not. And I mean BUY, not steal or download illegally. Judging by they’re sound, they are a nice, small group from Switzerland, and I emphasize, small. What kind of music is Stoneman, one might ask. The band is classified as gothic-industrial. What does this mean exactly? Well, let me tell you, the reader.


            The album reminds me a little bit of White Zombie’s “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1” only darker and clearly more European in sound, especially in “Sugar Mama.” Although, the highest complement that I can give to Stoneman and to practically any band really, is that they do sound pretty original. Nearly every song has this dark-industrial sound going for it. I think the best part about that is, the industrial part isn’t over done but at times I think it’s underdone. On some songs, the vocals have this deep growl but not deep enough where I couldn’t understand. I felt, that in those songs, the singing was done with taste to say the least. On other songs, there’s this almost black-metal type vocal on the lyrics. It wasn’t bad, but they won’t make the album win a Grammy either. I don’t really have any complaints on that aspect. 


            The only song that doesn’t sound like the rest of the album, was the bonus track, “No Sweet November.” The lyrics are actually sung, unlike the rest of the album and it didn’t have this dark overtone to it, but the biggest difference was, it was catchy. The rest of the album lacked this element.


            Overall, I’d like to say that this is not a good album to run, jog, or even to walk to. Although, it isn’t bad for lifting weights, playing video games, or cruising around town. Although, if I were the producer, I would have researched a different kick-drum sound for the album, for it kind of put me off. Unless you’re going after the “Fear Factory” sound, stay away from that setting. The music isn’t fast enough for that type of tone on the kick-drum. Although, commenting on the overall sound of the album, it was dark, industrial and original. That’s the best thing I could say about “Human Hater.” There were fast songs, slow songs, ect, it’s safe to say that “Human Hater” has a lot of variety which leads me to a complaint, the songs on the album tend to sound a like. If I wasn’t sitting down and listening to the tracks as I am writing this review, I’d turn to the next band on my ipod, which I did often as I was working out. In the track, “I Hope You All Die Soon,” the band and the rhythm of the song are awesome, but the singing was boring as hell. Just the chorus was, unimaginative and monotonous. However, the first line of, “Zombie Zoo,” is sung in the same fashion and it works.


            So would I buy it? Yeah, I probably would, but it wouldn’t be along on my normal rotation of bands, but it would be good for an occasional listen in the car. Would I see them live? I have a feeling, this band is smashing live, I wouldn’t mind seeing them.




review by Matthew Haumschild   

Matthew Haumschild is a staff writer/editor for since 2002

He is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA he can be reached at and  on

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