1. The Torchbearer
2. Dance of Hecate
3. Wurdulak
4. Under the Boards
5. The Oath of the Legion
6. The Gorgon Cult
7. Memories of Lemuria
8. Medusaís Coil
9. Moonchild (Iron Maiden cover)
10. Nightbreed
  Cristiano Borchi - Vocals 
Pierangelo Giglioni - Guitars 
Gianpaolo Caprino - Guitars 
Francesco Bucci - Bass 
David Folchitto - Drums 
Simone Scazzocchio - Keyboards


STORMLORD: "The Gorgon Cult"        stormlord               

release date 26th April

preview - review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

Listening to this album for a third time, I must say this is a pretty damn good Black Metal album. The recording is top notch, and above all the mixing of the CD is excellent. Probably the best recorded and mixed Black Metal CDís I have ever heard. 

This band from Rome has a lot to prove to all of us, and they can indeed do it. Moonchild, Stormlordsís cover of an Iron Maiden song, doesnít sound too bad for a first time listener. I have only listened to Iron Maiden once ever, and I am not familiar with this track so you will have to be the judge of that! On with my synapsis of my favorite tracks.

Dance of Hecate
I loved the intro to this track. If Stormlord opens up with this track at their show, this is almost a guarantee of a pit starting. In this song, the keyboards are pretty much playing the melody and sets the tone for the entire song. There are a few change ups in this song making you believe itís a fast melodic tune indignitive with other metal acts, then it shifts to the dark and a bit slower. This song is very good to hear at night.

Under The Boards
Classic Black Metal introduction. Hyper fast drums, guitars tuned down and then it switches tempo, then it goes back to sounding the Black Metal we all know and love like Emperor. This song is classic and almost a typical sounding track from the genre. If you were going to introduce someone to the genre, this track would be the one I would suggest. However, for the veteran listener, this song is great to play video games to. It gives off this haunted house feeling to it I can not quite explain.

The Gorgon Cult
The nice piano introduction sets the entire feeling in this track. If you listen to this track long enough it might remind you of a sound King Diamond would make. I could see myself screaming along to this track. This song isnít as nearly as fast as the others. Also, the singer dives into the Death metal singing realm towards the end of the song, then after thatís done, they go into another totally different musical interlude, then all of a sudden jumps back the main melody. It could be viewed as a confusing track, but I think it was well executed and definitely ranks as one of my favorite songs on here.

There is a very long introduction to this song, but when I ask people who listen to Iron Maiden they tell me this is typical of that band. After the intro ends, I start headbanging. I have a feeling Stormlord did there homework before recording this track. I hope they play this song live. It reminds me of what Iron Maiden sounds like with a Black Metal vocalist and a heavier guitar sound. I think Iron Maiden would be pleased if they heard this. Itís a high energy sound that would be great to work on your cardio** too.

As I mentioned above, this is the best sounding Black Metal band I have ever heard. Besides goofy names for some of the tracks, this is actually very good. This album is well mixed, I guess I canít get over this fact.  A worthy CD to add to your collection.
Go buy it!

rating:  8.5/10 

** Cardiovascular training- is pretty much running on a treadmill or other machine that makes you increase your heart rate.  


Matthew  Haumschild 
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