01 - Armageddon

02 - Sense Of Impotence

03 - History

04 - Terrifying Symphonies

05 - Life Drought

06 - Affection

07 - Outro

08 - Pull The Plug ("Death" Cover)




Vocals - Tooz

Guitars - Elvys

Guitars – Hatewerk

Bass - Jerico

Drums – Rodeath


SUBLIMINAL CRUSHER: "Life Drought"           subliminal crusher                


review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

Some great features. I can only see this band getting better.

Subliminal Crusher is another fine specimen of the Italian underground scene. In my opinion, the Italian’s in the near future are going to pose a huge threat to the Swedes and Fins for European underground domination. Subliminal Crusher, just as a band name is highly unique, matter of fact, I don’t think I have seen anything like it. SC has a very raw sound to listen to, not original, but powerful none-the-less. Subliminal Crusher has stepped up to the plate; now let us see what they have to offer shall we? 


     Armageddon” and “Sense

     I really like the intro to this CD, it give the listener a nice lead in to what we might expect in the next track. It’s hard and it flows, two key elements one must have if they choose to have a instrumental intro at the beginning of any CD. Even during “Armageddon” I was nodding my head in acceptance.  Sense” flows in very nicely with a nice drum intro then boom the guitars hit. When this happens…it really gives me the idea of old-school Sepultura “sound” from the Albums Schizophrenia and Bestial Devastation. The vocals, if not for the low growling tendencies, would sound like max Cavalera of that era. Accent and everything! But then again, Max’s father was the Italian Ambassador to Brazil so…

This whole song sounds like that band of that era, it’s classic thrash with death metal style vocals. The drums are done with great precision, and there is a really nice solo, worth listening to both tracks in sequence.



Can someone tell me what they were going for with that weird sound in the first 20 seconds of the song? After hearing all the instruments through a muffler, the whole song changes into something else. Matter fact, I keep listening and the whole song changes a lot, yet stays constant. Yes I know, very confusing, as I find this song. As a musician, I would find this song extremely fun to play. The tempo doesn’t let up, it’s very constant, the vocals do not vary at all, and I can’t hear the bass. Terrifying? To be honest, a little boring, but the chorus is so good, I can see many people scream it out at concerts. I don’t recommend this one.



The sample at the beginning of this song is really long, too long really, unfortunately I haven’t listened to this band long enough to really understand what the singer is saying, does the sample have anything to do with the song? If SC, had used a shorter sample, it would have worked. At this point, the songs are in the same key, but the worst part about the song is, and it could be my speakers too, but the solo is buried in the mix.


This CD has some good tracks and some really great features. The musicians are very competent, the vocals are adequate, but some of the things that hurt this CD is the production quality, the sound quality is there…well kind of. But the mix could have been better. The drums stand out way too much, the guitars should be boosted as well as the bass. The drummer is really good, but there is too much emphasis on him. The band and the singer sound a lot like Early Sepultura, which is a great start. I can only see this band getting better. Other than that, the songs on this CD start to sound the same after awhile, just a little variation is needed. From the sound of it, this band would be great to see live.


rating: 7/10  


Matthew Haumschild 
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