Jesus 666

Blood Bath

The Charge Of The Light Brigade

God Damn


Death Like Symphony

Sudden Death (Outro)


Marco (Vocals)

Luigi (Guitar)

Lorenzo (Guitar)

Umberto (Bass)

Andrea (Drums)


SUDDEN DEATH: "Devoured Inside"   sudden death     

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recorded and mixed at Silent Sound Studio - produced, recorded and mixed by Stefano Morabito - co-prodeced by Sudden Death 

Injection of Hate

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___           

Hm, in the info-sheet of the label is written that “Devoured Inside” is the first album of the Italian underground-band Sudden Death. Okay, then let’s have a look at the running time. Tststs… I think it’s not the best idea to declare not even 25 minutes as a full-length album, I would have preferred Mini-CD, but anyway, this facts shouldn’t keep off from occupying with “Devoured Inside”. 

It’s easy to say what kind of Metal Sudden Death play: Brutal Death Metal. That means fast, aggressive songs, short but destroying, with deep guitars, almost all of the time blasting drums and an absolutely inhuman voice, growling in the deepest dephts of hell. In general, I can say that the quintet does a good job, there are lots of great, brutal and bangy riffs, well performed by Luigi and Lorenzo. I already talked about Marco’s voice which doesn’t seem to be distorted, everything is natural. Let’s come now to the drums: they are very hard, very clear and very good produced – too god, because they are very dominant and sometimes the guitars are oppressed by them, and they also sound very clinical, it’s possible that triggers were used here. But beside of this, the production is very good for an underground Death Metal-band. 

The problem of Sudden Death is that they have a lot of good, of solid song. But no real highlight with the “Aha”-effect, just solid material. This is okay and a lot better than all of the songs would be bad, but I think it’s not enough to survive in today’s Metal-world, because there are thousands of bands which are just good and solid, but only a few which are really original and great. Of course songs with funny titles like “Jesus 666” or “God Damn” have a pushing rhythm, aggressive guitars and sometimes a feepy, virtous and Slayer-inspirated solo, but as I said before, on “Devoured Inside”, there’s no “Hit”, and that has the effect that there is a stale smack after I listened to this album. 

I think Sudden Death have to work on the details of the songs, so that as listener, you get a better feeling to recognize each song, because the six songs on “Devoured Inside” all have no own trademark, no signal, I hope it’s clear what I mean. Well, the conclusion is that with “Devoured Inside”, Sudden Death released a good, a solid piece of Death Metal, but not more. Time will show if that’s enough.

rating:   6.9/10


Boris Witta
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