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What makes me human


Ghost in the Machine


This Time

The Victim


We are One


The Victim

Danny - Vocals

Lee - Guitar

Mike - Drums

Phil - Keyboards

Lu - Bass

SYSTEMYK: "What makes me human"  - "The Victim"       systemyk                          

The tracks reviewed are taken from «What makes me human» released in January 2004 and «The Victim» released in January 2005. Both albums were produced by Greg Mackintosh. The songs reviewed are  available on Systemyk’s website 


Cross Contamination


review  by Jelenes____   



6 tracks and 6 facettes. 

Systemyk combine different sensibilities.


The first track presented from «What makes me human» is «Ghost in the machine». An energetic song with heavy guitar riffs, a solid rhythmic section with a nice bass line and a touch of indus atmosphere. The vocals performed by Danny are also energetic, though cold, leading the way and bringing a cool and easy-to-remember chorus. The whole track is coherent, compact, melodic -even with this little distortion on the guitars- and the energy released by all musicians makes of «Ghost in the Machine» a very pleasant track to listen to. A very good first impression but don’t believe that all Systemyk’s songs are like this! These guys and gal have more to give. And indeed the second track proposed, «Bleed», proves it. A very atmospheric song. Dark, melancholy but nonetheless powerful, with again heavy and mighty rhythmics and angry vocals. The song has definitely a haunting dimension with an obsessive, spiraling guitar pattern delicately entwined with atmospheric keyboard- layers that take you by the hand to a final decadent and powerful, heavy and desperate end. A very strong song! Another facette of Systemyk’s inspiration is shown here with «This Time». Electronic effects are predominant in this track which delivers a good dose of energy and anger. More indus and cold than the two previous tracks, «This Time» keeps however the heavy rhythmics and big riffs which accompany Danny’s angry, screaming voice. The changes in tempos and the shift from full energetic to melodic parts are well executed providing the listener with a varied and natural soundscape change, not at all disagreeable. 


Tracks from «The Victim». «We are One» will certainly appeal to those who like melodic and dark catchy songs. More in the goth rock vein with electronics «We are One» has an undeniable charm. It is an easy-to-remember song, lively with solid rhythmics, energetic and the vocals are here again leading Danny shows that he can also sing in a natural way, with feeling, his voice being soft and deep. From all the tracks proposed «We are one» is definitely the most accessible -commercial i’m tempted to say, but everything is relative- but its melody is so catchy and the atmosphere created by the keys throughout the song and piano notes at the end will be quite irresistible for certain listeners. 

Another facette (yes another one!) of the band can be heard in «Lies». Decadence, coldness, atmosphere and heaviness are the recipe of these «Lies». Slow but angry, powerful but counterbalanced by ethereal keys, the song conveys a feeling of duality between force and delicacy, between what’s dirty, deeply rooted in dark subterranean's and what’s pure, untouchable and unreachable. This song, though not necessarily the most accessible of Systemyk, deserves more listenings before being fully appreciated. It’s a grower that is better enjoyed alone in the dark with headphones. The title-track «The Victim» and the last song proposed by the band ends the series with full force and energy. Short but efficient song, «The Victim» is metal indus, massive but less heavy than songs like «Bleed» or «Lies». A remarkable thing concerning this song is that all instruments (vocals included) are all well distinguishable and have all an important role to play. Each musician brings his/her own stone to the monument dedicated to the victim. Once again everything sounds coherent, in its place though each stone is different from one another. 


6 tracks and 6 facettes. Systemyk prove that they manage to combine different styles and sensibilities to create consistent and varied music and their talent brings coherence and cohesion to the whole. An interesting band for sure, who have a good potential and who can appeal to many people who are into the darker, heavier and electro side of music.




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