1. Infected Rectum 
  2. Brest-fed By Blood
  3. Rotten Vagina
  4. Filthy Cunt
  5. Genital Massacre
  6. Chainsaw Fuck
  7. Die Like A Wimp
  8. Flesh That Lies Beneath 
  9. Fistfucked ´til Death
  10. Spermjerker 
Herr Arschstein: Guitar and Vocals
Rot Wailer: Bass
Pus Sypope: Drums



TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES: "For those  about to rot"    


Impressive  attacks in pure classic Grindcore spirit , technically brilliant, relentless and ferocious. Extreme  tracks of destruction  that  have anyway their musical structure,  a certain catchiness and much modernity. Done by artists of class.  

preview- review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Recorded 29.11.2003 and mixed 4.12.2003 at CCPC studio Helsinki, Finland- mastered at Finnvox Studios - Helsinki

Short attacks of brutal/ferocious Grindcore,  played extremely well and with high technicality. 3 misterious musicians team up  creating this side project that was surely  fun for them, but nevertheless opens a door to  a kind of serious old school Grindcore, perormed with the best features .  If it's fun, we deal with a fun  of amazing cleverness, and if someone could be a bit disgusted reading the  titles of the tracks , please has only to  remember the  legendary Carcass, or titles like   Excoriating Abdominal Emanation , Ruptured In Purulence, Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites,  Genital Grinders and Vomited anal Tract have been forgotten and buried in the past?

What counts is that  we have here  an explosive side project, that will arise much attention, also because these 3 members come from important and well known Finnish bands and never before played music like this. After  they rehearsed once and after a speed work in the studios , here it is: " For those about to rot", a series of short but deep attacks  of pure Grindcore metal . And if we say that surely one (but maybe 2) of the members come from Amorphis , the thing becomes  super interesting, moreover runours add a member of HIM as part of the line up. HIM? no, no Love Metal this time, and  the little girlies yearning for  for Ville  should better  remain very far  from all this. This project anyway appears sensational at my eyes not only cause it's Amorphis, but cause  it's something  courageous, something that separates the metallers from the  wannabees . And also cause it's  nice, it's excenctric, it's pure blood. Anyway is  extreme , and demonstrates that artists that deliver melodies and romanticism, can morph into the abyss of the Grinding hardcore, wearing a new suit  of armour.

For those about to rot it's hyperfast, it's detonating. It delivers micro-songs like it was in Napalm Death origins, that are full of tension and  energy, but present also a clear musical structure that has its catchiness and chords. It is ferocious and somehow brutal but it is not a  blind beast.  Infected Rectum delivers hyper bass brachial vocals, and blasting drums, it is  extremely heavy and is becoming  always faster and faster ,with a   very punk flavor . This fast ferocious progression is maintained then but track n 2, Brest-fed By Blood which shows distorted obsessing guitars and "battle" drums .   Rotten Vagina begins with an echoed shouting and soon  fades into the track 4, Filthy Cunt,   which is simply destruction speed. With a tremendous bass, joined by killer guitar sounds, begins Genital Massacre which  goes on with a relentless death/punky fury. While  Chainsaw Fuck opens with the noise of a sawing machine and rocks a lot evoking all the spirits of an extreme punky metal rock, in a catchy way. The following Die like a Wimp is hyper -dark ferocious attack. Flesh that lies beneath is the less catchy of all and anyway the track i like the least, though it sounds very Death:   it maintains the same temperament and attitude of the whole album, it is the longer track  (1:38) i listen to , it sounds very Death, it is based on raw loops, but it doesn't sounds so persuasive to me like the other tracks do. Fistfucked  'til Death begins in a doomy way à la early PL but soon explodes into a wild hyperfast Grindcore triumph.  Spermjerker begins with a nu/heavy rhythm  and obviously converges very soon  in a damnation of fury , though the pounding  rhythm of its intro re-surface in the middle of the song and once again  is won by the fire destruction of the faster part.  The result for this Spermjerker is anyway very enjoyable and even catchy. It is surely the  perfect way to close  this For those about to rot, song that  can be appreciated by extreme Black metallers too.

I find this work very cool! I'm very glad to have  put my attention on this group. For those about to rot is a super jewel for all who love these kind of extreme attacks : obviously this is a  thing for  iron ears, for all who  are used to extreme ferocious/and brutal rhythms. All in all,  i would define this music much more ferocious than brutal. Though its ferocity is very immediate and not particularly subtle or elaborated. But this work  is precise, blasting, overflowing, puts everything under a fire of destruction. Mighty and terrible, this music don't make prisoners. And extreme metallers can only jump of joy. In the name of gore,   this Grindcore is simply class: Amorphis or not Amorphis, this is a cd that must not be missed  when it  will be released! Perfectly mastered at Finnvox studios,   it  deserves a good consideration .  And finally, who are these mysterious musicians then? hehhehe  i think that Amorphis'  bass-player Niclas Etelävuori...has something to do with  this project... is he Rot Weiler?  who knows!? ;)

Rating: 9.5/10

dalia di giacomo    

interview with Niclas Etelävuori

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