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Zealots & Whores
He Got Cop Eyes
Drunken Marksman
The Idol/The Memory
The Ruin Of Nova Roma
Im Going To Kill Henry Ford
Poison Pen Attack!
Cours Et Conquistadors
  Chris West - Bass
Alex Harries - Drums
James 'Jimbob' Isaac - Guitar & Vocals

TAINT: "The Ruin of Nová Roma"     taint           


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___            


Plenty of adrenalin going from one song to the next. In the vain of classic rock but with a modern edge.

Rise Above Records describes Taint as: THE DEBUT FULL LENGTH ALBUM FROM WELSH POST HARDCORE/MELODIC SLUDGE MONSTERS, TAINT IS A FU**IN SCORTCHER! Rise Above distributor, out of England, is known for its large selection of Stoner Doom and Taint is its newest release. There have been 8 previous recordings though none were full length albums.

An excellent cd to jam to or even take to the party, plenty of adrenalin going from one song to the next. In the vain of classic rock but with a modern edge, guitar and drum solos and the vocals are gritty and loud. Song #5 The Idol/The Memory is mostly instrumental a gradual buildup of Bass, electric and steady drums with the occasional vocals. As the song progresses so does the intensity, so by the end of the 6 and a half minute song the air guitar smokin'. 


Amaranthine is the longest song on the cd at 9:22, a bit slower than the rest and the vocals tame in comparison. It has an interesting intro like from a movie or radio. It adds to the overall thought of the song. The title track The Ruin of Nova Roma is the second longest song at 9:10 and is also slower and mostly instrumental as well. The shortest and most aggressive continuously through is #9, He Got Cop Eyes at 2:19. 

So other than the 3 mentioned that are kinda slow, (good to know if you want to go straight to the heavy stuff), the whole album is loud, jammin and a really great addition to your collection! It is not complicated, overbearing or difficult to get through. Pure Rock - n – Roll for the masses! If you have the chance to see this band live do so, I am sure that they are even better. The energy that comes across on the cd lends itself to this observation. Also, the cd seems like the sort of music that would get continues airplay at college campus as well. Maybe they do already in some areas.

rating: 8/10


Steve Rautner  
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