En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa (classical version)

Kun Joulu On (classical version)

En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa (acoustic version)

Kun Joulu On (acoustic version)


total running time: 14:07 minutes




En etsi valtaa, loistoa (Melody: Jean Sibelius / Lyrics: Z. Topelius; translator unknown) and Kun joulu on (Melody: Otto Kotilainen / Lyrics: Alpo Noponen )

TARJA TURUNEN: "Yhden Enkelin Unelma (One Angel's Dream)"     

tarja turunen        www.tarjaturunen.de       universal music

arrangements - production by Esa Nieminen


review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

I wish my country had songs like these!

      In short, the songs on this demo sound completely different then what the average listener is used to listening to when they listen to Tarja sing in her other band Nightwish. Not only is the genre different, but the way she sings is also for a different style. Take away the thundering drums, the brutal guitar, and the insane keyboards, and replace them with a small quartet or a piano or whatever, and put Tarja’s vocal work on it, and presto.


     I get a different feeling when I listen to these songs. I am told they are supposed to be Christmas songs from Finland. I wish my country had songs like these! This is the type of music you can just chill out, eat a nice meal, sit back and relax, and let Tarja’s voice captivate you. She sounds so soothing and genuine like this is the music she is meant to sing. She really shines on this CD. I can’t understand a word of what she’s singing, but it sounds beautiful.


     I would say this is a must have for anyone’s collection. This would also make a good gift as well to the friends who don’t like metal, or they like Nightwish, only for the singing. En Etsi Caltaa-Loistoa is the type of song that I can picture people strolling through that beautiful park or cityscape enjoying the scenery and admiring every little nuance. Holding hands with that special someone…everyone knows this feeling. Both versions give off a very happy, very positive feeling.


     Kun Joulu on, is a very peaceful song. When I listen to it, I imagine the seasons change ever so slightly. The song almost makes you forget there isn’t a band or a ensemble playing in the background. Tarja’s voice is just as addicting as cigarettes and less painful.  It’s so simple, it’s a very nice alternative then screeming ‘I wish I had an angel…” (from Nightwish’s Once cd)


     If the listener is closed minded and won’t listen to anything but metal. Don’t buy this CD. I love these songs and the way they are arranged. I highly recommend buying this album. No one will regret it.


rating:   9.5/10


Matthew Haumschild 
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