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Tempest Rising:

"Calm Before The Storm"  EP 



Vin Trikeriotis: Vocals

James Ward-Armstrong: Lead Guitar
Sheldon Blackwell: Lead Guitar
Jarrad Cracknell: Bass Guitar
Bill Mann: Drums






Tempest Rising from Perth, Australia, is a new band that already gets a unique sound of its own.  Born just in 2012, Tempest Rising has collected a lot of concerts in Australia and soon they will play together with Marduk and Taake through Japan in the "Marduk Serpent Sermon Tour 2013 in Japan" . If the main influences come from  Metalcore and  Alternative Metal /Crossover, this doesn`t mean that this band is not able to offer ballads and Thrash-tainted songs, adding also  a wide range of Metal/Rock attitudes going from 80`s sounds to modern Swedish and American school (New Wave of American Heavy Metal ) . Many rithmic riffs let even remind  to Before The Dawn. The result is no patchwork. The result are well composed, strong tracks that alternate catchiness and brutality. The best example of what i`m saying  is the song "The Descent", which is simply awesome. Anyway all songs of this EP show great breakdowns, bridges and solos,  obviously as enrichment of good verses and choruses. The song "No Remorse" is the most metalcore oriented, it`s loud,  fast  and very pounding. The melodic breakdowns are as memorable as in the song "The Descent". "Hollow Dream" is a powerful balladesque, epic  dark groovy song.

Vin Trikeriotis`vocals can scream , can sing in  clean , can abrupt turn into a very aggressive yell/growl. 

In my opinion, what the band truly needs now just a bit more experience and a class producer, that can add volume and fluiditity to some passages, but that's all. Talent,  ideas and riffs are ready. And ready to be enjoyed right now by a very wide range of metalheads.

To wait for the full studio album (end 2013 or begin 2014), is well worth. In the meanwhile get this 4 track EP (EP "Calm Before The Storm" is on iTUNES ). It's well worth. Highly recommended.



 official photography done by Max Fairclough


written  by dalia di giacomo 

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