1. Eerie Presence (08:30)  
2. Defective (09:04) 


Lasse Kristiansen - guitar
Juuso Backman - drums
Jani Mikkonen - guitars
Juha Tretjakov - bass
Karri Suoraniemi - vocals

THALES : "Promo 2003"             thales      
Recorded in Studio Hellhole during April 2003
Engineered by Kaide, mixed by A. Lindell, produced by Thales.

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

Line up finally completed for the Finnish band “Thales”.

Starting from embryonic (but promising) songs, new sonorities are developed…more refined and low, overloaded by full and round riffs that fade down into creakings, underlined by a clean and overbearing drumming.

Two songs that reminds the Opeth’stile (that one of Orchid and Morningrise, to understand). An interlace of mid and speed time that run one another never stopping. We can find prog influences in the guitar work that get out of a “liquid” drum ‘n bass.  

The Karri Suorainiemi voice is remarkable: both the growls (deep and yearning) that remind the Mikael Akerfeldt’style  and the clean voice that develops a doom pitch, reminding My Dying Bride.

Two songs, “Errie Presence” e “Defective” (9 minutes everyone), to propose a trial of Thales’sound.

Massive resonance that blow up in ferocious attacks of drumm ‘n bass and killer riffs that scratch the soul and the hearing…thanks ability and technique.

It’s an excellent work that frees deep and obscure sensations.


Rating: 8/10

Sara De Vita  

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