Thick ‘n’ Blurry 


Hereafter Path 

(Un)bearable Certainty 

Pleasure Pursuit 

The Shift 

Last of the Few 

Pale Blue Perishes 

Pervasive Healing 

Nothing As it Seems 







Eduardo Paulo – Vocals, guitars, percussion
Filipe Miguel – Keyboards, sampling
Guilhermino Martins – Guitars, sampling, vocals
Miguel Ângelo - Bass
Patrícia Rodrigues - Vocals
Paulo Adelino – Drums, percussion


Guest musicians: Violin solo on song 2 by Timb Harris, Sampling works on song 6 by Zweizz and Francisco Pina, Sax on song 11 and Concertina on song 3 by Antonio Pereira

THANATOSCHIZO: "Zoom Code"    thanatoschizo            My Kingdom Music  

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Ability to try experimentations.


Interesting band from Portugal active since 1998 that mixes a certain modern metal approach to a classic prog-death, but with a noticeable melodic touch near enough to modern gothic metal…

I perceive interesting ideas (concerning some parts of the songs) that reveal the ability of the band to try experimentations…

ThanatoSchizO still needs experience to elaborate a better approach and a more definite sound, but there are premises to obtain a good future…

Growl vocals are combined with Patricia's great voice that gives a touch of sweetness ; This is a good variant for their music that is influenced, as already mentioned,  by modern metal riffs and death-prog structures. Besides, the band realizes  interesting oriental parts, that give a remarkable touch of originality. A positive note goes also to the good work made by arrangements…

In my opinion, ThanatoSchizO  tries to walk a path through a wide target and, thanks to the original approach, they could be interesting also for those who appreciate melodic-modern metal…. There are good dark atmosphere like in “Pale Blue perishes” in which death-metal and dark-progressive are perfectly mixed… The obsessive refrain of “Pervasive healing” is pure adrenaline in which the band shows to get good melodic influences…“Awareness” is the conclusive track, an interesting experimental instrumental outro-song in which the band lets us remind of Korn, in particular for the bass sound…

Anyway my favorable comments shouldn't be misunderstood …There’s a good approach but the band needs to improve both for what concerns songs (in general), that need more groove, and for what concerns better dynamics, which could give a more advantageous output to the sound.

The production is almost sufficient and could be improved… but, on the whole, this is a fair release that can be interesting for many sorts of metal listeners…and I invite you to give a chance to this band.


rating: 7/10  


Salvo Russo  23.04.2008  
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