Cesium 137  - vocals

Chlordane – samples, FX, keyboards

Ethion – guitar 

Endrin – bass

Diazinon – drums

THE AMENTA: "Occasus"            the amenta                                  listenable

Engineered and mixed by Lachlan Mitchell, keyboardist for Australian black metal  NAZXUL. Mixed at the  BJB studios and mastered at Studios 301

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution    

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

Unreal. Who knew that bands from Australia could make music like this?

The Amenta take extreme to a totally different level. This CD maintains the elements of doom, wonder, and melody in such a fashion that it is memorizing. This could be the future underground. The drums are almost electronic in precision. The guitars have one of the most brutal sounds in metal today. If this band goes on tour with bands like Deicide or Storm Lord, The Amenta are going to give them a run for their money. Just the keyboards themselves are enough to send other bands packing and running back to their rehearsal space.



This song sounds like something out of a nightmare! The closest way to describe this song is the combination of death-metal and Hard-core trance (dance) and gothic! Death-metal style drumming, but it’s so monotonous that it sounds like hard-core. The keyboards in this song add an extreme dark and moody tone to this rest of the track. Towards the last half the song, the whole beat changes and virtually a new song re-appears, but it’s the same underlying eerie keyboard sound. G-d Damn this track is sick!



Hello…melodic death-metal! This song puts all the death-metal bands to shame. It is so hard to describe! It’s fast, intense and just plain fucking brutal. The effects on this track are also really nice, with the panning of guitars and then coming back with some strange sound, and then before you know it, the band kicks the shit out of the listeners ears with their vicious brand of death-metal.



By this point, it wouldn’t surprise most people if this band where to shoot a movie and use this album as their soundtrack. There is a feeling of this song that the listener is at the movie watching this horrific epic of a man’s darkest struggle. It’s not as intense as the other tracks, but this songs gives off a mood that makes you want to listen to this track over and over again.


These are some of the most exciting tracks on this album. The more the listener hears this CD, the more they’ll like it. The only down part is, that most of the tracks after awhile sound the same, just different variations. Occasus is another CD that everyone has got to hear! There’s something in it for anyone into death-metal or black-metal. The Amenta kicked my ass when I started to hear them, and they will kick your ass too.  I give this my sign of approval. 

rating:   9/10


Matthew Haumschild 
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