Suicide Landscape
One Step to Heaven
Kingdoms of Cancer
Victims of Love (Qui Tollis)
Monsters in Me
Fight Song
Isle of Desire
La Rêve de L’Infidéle






Michael Sele - Vocals, guitars, piano, keys, programming
Martin Luzio -  Bass
Mac Vinzens -  Drums



THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA: "Diary of a Lost"    the beauty of gemina              

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Monkey Music


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


All the characteristics to become 

a great one of this style…  


Another elektro-band from Switzerland!!

The proposal of this band is the EBM that reminds of Diary of Dreams, Blutengel with an evident industrial touch, and shadows of gothic rock  that makes it a perfect product to be danced in all dark disco!

Most of the songs don’t get the right charm; there are not original ideas and the compositions seem to remind of others songs… but the band finds a good arrangement although then the mood doesn`t always lead to a good atmosphere and in particular I underline the monotonous (in my opinion) voice that sometimes doesn’t give the plus value to the songs. 

However the tracklist gets good songs like the gothic oriented “Nevertime” in which the dark atmosphere mixed to the elektro impulses makes it a  “night song” characterized by a great arrangement.

It’s a shame that the band able to propose valid arrangements is not always able to create great grooves.

We’re far from bands like Blutengel or Diary of Dreams, even if I underline that there are all the elements to improve the quality of the music; I admit that it’s not easy to  find always original ideas in this style but the band seems to get all the characteristics to become a great one of this style…

Nothing to say about the good work made under the production aspect.



Salvo Russo  


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