1. In The Dark
 2. Always
 3. Pale
 4. Control
 5. Shallow Grave
 6. Sideways
 7. Midnight
 8. Pins And Needles
 9. Two Hearts
10. Sleepwalking
11. Secret



Michael Falcore 








THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE: "Pins and Needles"   Foto von The Birthday Massacre  Metropolis Records





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review  by Salvo Russo____   

Fairytale electro metal that hardly will be forgotten.

Birthday Massacre are one of the most original band since 2002. This 4th album represents the maturity of a band that doesn’t find a perfect collocation into a definite musical  definition : their style can be defined “Fairytale electro metal”, and this is my personal mark to define their music!!!

The sound of keyboard is the essence of their music, and this new album is a such a jewel full of great melodies in which the band uses to let the listener dream thanks to the great and original use of keyboards and synth that seems to inspired to a soundtrack for a fantasy children film!!!
Chibi is a good and evanescent singer that is able to give the right touch to the music that in my opinion could be appreciated by gothic rockers,  emo, dark,  but also who likes original dreaming rock music, in short they could agree many different kind of listeners!!!!  

Yes “Dreaming music”…could  be another  good and short  adjective to describe songs like : “In the dark” in which the magic atmosphere is supported by very heavy and modern guitars…that gives charm to the music!!!
That’s the same for the follow one “Always” that is full of keyboards and synth but with a predominant use of guitars that gives a very powerful ambient!


Without changing the magic formula “Pale” bring us into a more dreaming fairytale that is a midtempo song perfectly arranged and supported by perfect chorus..
It’s still electro-music  with “Control” that is a song ready to be danced in all dark-goth disco…a perfect song that is the perfect mix between electro and metal music!!! Guitars, synth…keyboards and beautiful voice …all in a great mix!!!

“Shallow Grave”  doesn’t get an unforgettable melody but it’s arranged in a great way; and it’s another killer track ready to be danced in the right dark disco…I still underline a great use of keyboards and guitar effects…that gives value to  an album that show me the unquestioned qualities of the band.
“Sideways” is another electro great song,  whereas “Midnight” is more powerful in the structure but always keeps the melody at the top!
The title track is powerful !!!The use of modern metal guitars mixed to all the characteristics above mentioned of the bands gives a confirmation of what this band is able to do!!! Great and original music…ready to amaze everyone.

It’s still modern synth metal with “Sleepwalking” that gets a great sound and I like the good solution founds into the use of rhythmic parts that are different one from each other…at least the band tries to find great solution to give emphasis to every composition by every aspect : arrangement, melody,  rhyming ecc…

The dreaming “Secret” closes an album that hardly will be forgotten…
A great band from Canada…!!! If you want deep emotion from a great and modern music!!!


Salvo  Russo   05.01.2011

Salvo Russo is editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address nightofdreams@hotmail.it

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