1. Black Shuck
2. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
3. Growing On Me
4. I Believe In A Thing Called Love
5. Love Is Only A Feeling
6. Givin Up
7. Stuck In A Rut
8. Friday Night
9. Love On The Rocks With No Ice
10. Holding My Own


Justin Hawkins Vocals/Guitar/Synthesizer

Dan Hawkins Guitar

Frankie Poullain Bass

Ed Graham Drums


THE DARKNESS:   "Permission to land "          the darkness            Atlantic Records

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____    

Year 2004 or 1974???? This album brings us in the middle of the 70s & 80s ! An album that could be the joy of all those who like that typical Hard-Rock-Glam made in the 70s !!! This band is famous in all the world thanks to their image that remind of the early Queen, event if in my opinion the sound of this band is not influenced only by Queen !!
Concerning the structure of the songs it's impossible not to find something similar to AC/DC, in particular concerning the guitar-riffs and that typical Gibson sound.
The singer is known for his style that tries to imitate Freddy Mercury ! But in my opinion he's far from Freddy!!!
Of course he has a beautiful voice and a personal style, but the timbre is different ! But I can't but admit that this band is able to play well that style known in all the world ...PURE ROCK !!!! Songs full of energy even if sometimes not all ideas are good, and in my opinion they have still to find the perfect groove ! For me, the best song of this album is "Love is only a Feeling", and I hope that they will compose songs following that style in future ! But on the whole I can't but admit that if you like AC/DC, Kiss, Deep Purple, Queen, you'll find something interesting listening to Permission to land !
"Love is only a Feeling" is the symbol of their style that join the melody to the energy of rock ! Hawkins gets a fantastic timbre; even if in my opinion he gets very good high and medium tones but I don't appreciate the excessive use of falsetto !
Unfortunately not all songs getunforgettable refrains, but the glamour-maniacs will dance listening to Black Shuck which is a power-glam full of AC/DC riffs !
"Growing on me" is another super-hit, in which the sound of Gibson meets the groove of the good rhytmic session, and a fantastic refrain...even if I don't like how Justin uses his voice !!!!
"I believe in a thing called Love" is a song that reminds me of the early Queen, in particular the guitar sound.

 All in all the band try to let us live the atmosphere of the 70s, but there are also useless songs without good melodies.."Love on the Rocks with no Ice" is the example of what I say ! This song gets me bored, and the refrain is very tedious as well as Justin's voice appears here ! In my opinion Justin gives the best of himself in the strophe of "Love is only a Feeling" where he shows his beautiful timbre !

"Holding my own" closes this album in a good way. A power ballad that is full of melody but no tears.


Rating: 6.8/10  
Salvo  Russo    

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