We-The Dead

Lake of Sulphur

From Bereavement to Resignation

Marathon Man

The Heel on the Throat of the Young

Faust in Exile




Conspiracy Theorist

Worm of Truth


Tomas Lindberg - vocals

Kristian Wahlin - guitars

Matti Lundell - bass

Johan Osterberg - guitar

Hasse Nilsson - drums


THE GREAT DECEIVER : "Terra Incognito"   the great deceiver       peaceville

distributed in CH by Irascible Distribution 

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

Simply fantastic! The Great Deceiver are back with  "Terra Incognito", an album consecrating this band as a master key for the Swedish metal-core scene.

Already with their first full-length "A Venom Well Design" the combo Tomas Lindberg (from At The Gates)/Kristian Wahlin astonished everyone, yet with "Terra Incognito" these guys exceeded every expectation, giving birth to a simply tremendous album!

"Terra Incognito" is a fantastic mix of dark wave, hardcore and metal evolving, with respect to the past, in more innovative and personal sonorities.

The disc beginning is overbearing, activating a chain reaction full of tempo changes and driving rhythms: the voice of Tomas Lindberg is a true nuclear bomb that vaporizes and lays waste around, evolving in a deep growl with strong hints to the vocalist’s origins! A Death-Nu sound that winkles to the more incisive crossover.

Today” is a song with surrising sonorities dragged to the acoustic exasperation by full riffs and tight guitars.

We-The Dead”, song with redundant and modulated bass, is maybe the best in the whole album: in few minutes it develops from a soft context to explode in ferocious rhythms. Very good the choice to use small parts of synth in “Lake Of Sulphur”, a song that vaguely recalls Manson, rich in personalization's and resolutions of high creative value. “Terra Incognito” is a surprising album: yet another success for a label like Peaceville that always manages to discover the true musical genius.

Games of bass ‘n drum make the work extremely complex; the guitars are fluid and, as the blood of a wounded beast, spring forth from the “tears” of a sonic materialization of Lindberg’s voice.

The disc becomes more wicked when we come to “Marathon Man” and “The Heel On The Throat Of The Young”, more crossover songs that mark intents polyhedricity that the band knowingly and proudly weaves.

Moreover, in “Faust In Exile”, the rhythm raises the stakes against an unpredictable and innovative guitar work: tempo changes and a continuous vocal modulation accompanying the extremely melodic instruments, thus creating a fierce and yet delicate musical idea!

Forward/Willing/Sickness” and “Conspiracy Theorist” keep untouched the Nu-Crossover soul of the band, re-proposing rounded and majestic bass riffs.

With “Worm Of Truth” the work of our The Great Deceiver approaches to the end: the voice of Tomas Lindberg approaches variations between growl and clean with effects that make the song extremely dynamic; a mix between modern metal, hints of electronic Dark and Death.

A product of great artistic value indeed, rejuvenating itself in each song, yet recovering old musical standards already tested and always winning.

Rating: 8.5/10

Sara De Vita  

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