1. No Compromise
2. 99
3. Abysmal
4. Sabotage
5. All Against All
6. Sweet Relief
7. Burnt To A Shell
8. Who Will Decide
9. Nothing Right
10. Liquid Burns
My Shadow

Peter Dolving – Vocals
Anders Björler – Guitar
Jonas Björler – Bass
Jensen – Guitar
Per Möller Jensen – Drums

THE HAUNTED: "rEvolver"        the haunted             

release date: october 18th


preview - review by Gino Chiarizia ___           

Ladies and gentlemen, it's with joy and pride that i'm reviewing for you the big come back of the Swedish act The Haunted. They strike back with an album that marks once again their turning point towards more thrash/hardcore sonorities but without neglecting their Death roots. Born from the ashes of the mourned At the Gates, we listen to the fourth chapter of a true saga. 

The cd starts off violently with No Compromise. We attend at once an immediate assault of fierce sonorities that invites to an immediate headbanging! Vocals are remarkable and at the threshold of the rage. through 99 the Swedes stand out with a bay area/thrash rhythm, followed by solo lines which remind of the latest productions from testament and Slayer, and whose midtempo is simply breathtaking! heavy like a granitic-stone
"Abysmal" is the first of the songs through which the bands reaches more melodic shores, making in particular a tribute to Metallica and Megadeth. Peter Dolving's voice that is calm yet suffering (it's the case to underline his come back in the line-up), introduces us into the track, anticipating what it will be rapture and raving! Melody, sadness, anger...

It's assault once again with "Sabotage"! After a thoughtful pause, an adrenaline - discharge permeates our body. Use some good headphones, wear them on your ears (like i'm doing now), close your eyes, and imagine you're driving a car...but i wouldn't suggest to cast an eye on the speedometer!...just try if you don't believe!!!
now it's the turn of "All Against All", the forerunner single. All against all showcases an inspired singer who is prey to despair; so much musicality cannot be pictured by words.
"Sweet Relief" brings us back to the feelings of the second cd Made Me Do It, with a razor-sharp riffing! The slayer-y influence is unavoidable and will characterize the rest of the Cd.
Here it is: "Burnt To A Shell", another melodic jewel connected to Metallica in its proceeding. the chorus shows us their Sabbath-ian side, but with a screaming very similar to Phil Anselmo's timbre.
"Who Will Decide" depresses again the accelerator: it has a strophe full of rhythm and tremendously heavy. Alternations of mid-tempos and violent bursts will be present throughout the whole track.
"Nothing Right" offers an alternative taste thanks to the rolling " in levare" and to the distorted vocals, supported by a drum and bass pulsing back-carpet, which impact so much and directly pave the way for a neck -breaker chorus!
"Liquid Burns" makes us think again of Megadeth and Slayer. the first ones are evoked through a distorted arpeggio-riffing in pure Mustaine and mates style, the latest ones on the contrary, put an influence through the violent burst of cutting riffs and through the hammering drums.
it's "My Shadow" that has the not easy task'n duty to close the album. its quiet and thoughtful intro reminds of Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss, but the apprehension rises up when a resigned peter says: "kill me, I'm useless"... , an hymn to desperation closes the track in fade-out.

Without any doubt, you can notice the evolution that the Haunted have awarded to themselves, thanks to the use of a bigger quantity of nuances, if compared with the past. Finally we can say that this is a work that will leave a trace, a mark. It is mighty but without being exaggerated, proud to hold the flag of Swedish Death with a bit of Thrash/Core

rating:   8.5/10


Gino Chiarizia        ---   © photos by Olle Carlsson 
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