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King of Pain

Unchain the Beast

The Lion


Chained to the Dark

Aliens in Spain

Wings of Angel

Oliver Oppermann - vocals , keys, drum programming, string arrangements, acoustic guitar

Kai Reuter - guitars, sound effects

Philippe Candas - drums & percussion, key programming

Cyborg Haines - bass

THE ORDEAL: "Kings of Pain"             mausoleum

produced and mixed  by Herman Frank  - mastered by Tommy Newton at Area 51 Studios

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

At first glance, I have to say without listening to the band, I like the name. “The Ordeal” could represent a very many things. But not to judge the music by the name of the band I hand you my synopsis.

King of Pain
The song has in eerie beginning as it’s trying to whisk you away to a mystical place, which doesn’t make much sense and I can explain this. After the 29 second intro, the song goes into an almost Dream Theater sounding slow heavy riff, then the vocals hit. Then it hits me, this is a Power-Metal band. Aside from sounding like a mixture of Iron Maiden and Iced Earth, the rest song isn’t actually that bad. It has a slower speed heaviness to it with demanding vocals that seem that it has an interesting mixture of Bruce Dickinson and Brian Berry (One Minute Silence).

The Lion
Almost like a machine like beginning, it starts out heavy as all hell then takes goes an entirely different direction, the song then sounds a lot like something Iron Maiden would have made up. The bad thing about this song is that it sounds like a filler song. Meaning it sounds like they made it on the fly, it has a typical format of intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, post chorus, verse, outro and some sort of solo in the middle. It is rather boring track that tends to drag on.

Chained To The Dark
This song a has a peculiar intro, it starts with what sounds like a vinyl scratch that you find in an R&B album. The track also has a lot of electronics in it and I fear with out them, this would be another uneventful track, but this song isn’t too bad. When i listen to this song I think early 90’s summer day outside that anything is possible, which is funny because of the title of the song. I would say this is my favorite track, it’s heavy but not in a metal way but more of a Dream Theater-Power Metal way.

Now here’s something you don’t hear everyday, Spanish/classical guitar in t he first 37 seconds. I like this, I could get used to this, all the people reading this review...get a hold of this song and learn from it! After this intro guitars kick in and to my surprise again, they are actually sounding like Pantera pulling off harmonics! Towards the middle of the song I am also noticing Megadeth type guitar playing. Chugging guitars with the occasional fill going at a steady medium  pace around (I would like to emphasize this) 90bpm. It would be nice if this song got on the radio, the vocals are done quite nicely holding notes for long periods and actually changing up his vocal patterns. this song also heralds a very nice guitar solo that is clear as day and that actually fits in this song. I can’t believe this song lasts for almost six minutes!

Wings of Angel
This is a song that if they play it live you can’t help to get out your lighter. This is a slower song that you could make it to the radio. The singer is telling a sort of story that is very much like the metal bands of old. Kind of a depressing song to come to think of it. This is the perfect track to put at an end of a CD, it has that down tempo that you come to expect from a Hard-Rock/ Metal act. This song also has a solo that really reminds me of Zack Wylde solo from his early days with Ozzy during the “No More Tears” Album. Well done.

All in all, if you like Power-Metal, this band is for you. The songs are a bit long and all the songs have an unique intro that sparks interest.  If your a fan of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, or any real metal act of the 1980’s, you will like this band very much.  However if you are into more extreme bands, you might not like this band.  It wasn’t a bad CD by any means it just wasn’t spectacular.

rating:  6.5/10 


Matthew  Haumschild 

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