01. First day of my life
02. In the shadows
03. Still standing
04. In my life
05. Time to burn
06. Guilty
07. Not like the other girls
08. The one i love
09. Back in the picture
10. Funeral song.
Lauri Ylönen  vocals
Aki Markus Hakala  drums
Pauli Rantasalmi   guitar
Eero Heinonen  bass , vocals

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Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo_____

What a pleasure for me to listen to this album!!!!!
I've been waiting two years for this  cd.....after their beautiful previous one!
They're from Finland (what a surprise!??)...and for those who don't know this band i may say that play a particoular kind of Rock full of energy, melody and melancholy!!! Two years ago i was amazed by this band for their originality to play a modern rock influenced by 80's aor bands, punk rock...but not only.....!!!Their single "In the shadows" shows the elements of their sound, that is a powerful rock filled with  intensity!!!
In my opinion they get the power of Punk-Rock band,  the sadness of the Finnish Goth bands and   the romanticism of Melodic hard rock bands.
A  mixture that could be interesting  for all those who appreciate melodies into rock songs.Let's talk about the tracks..."Still standing" shows a very heart-attack refrain that shows the soul of these boys...an unforgettable song that i've been loving since the first listening. I notice their unmistakable style in "In my Life" where the sadness meets the simplicity of the pure rock!
The lyrics tell about love,freedom,hopes...i want to underline the ability of the band to tell about romantic love in a speed rock song! The arrangments use many eletronic loops, but eletronic parts are used just to give more expression!
There are many unforgettable refrains...try to listen the romantic sadness of "Not like the other Gilrs" or "The first day of my life"...and you'll be involved in their music! The musicians get a good tecnique..in particular the singer that is able to use different kind of tones in order to give more expressiveness to the songs!
A good band, a good cd...Finland, the land of good music!
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