Alessandro-  vocals and backing vocals
Maurizio- acoustic and electric guitars
Flavio- programming and bass
Martina (guest)- keyboards 

...THE SUN OF WEAKNESS: " ...The Sun Of Weakness  demo-CD"   the sun of weakness

Trompe l'Oeil



review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____        


Strong nostalgic flavour.


I am always happy to review work by bands belonging to Italian Underground that, always more, go to enrich with new music an already fertile ground.

The Sun Of Weakness is a band with a strong nostalgic flavour that tends to get inspiration from musical canons of bands such as Anathema and similars, extrapolating an extremely personal vein enriched with small hints of pop\wave that give to their work a very delicate, lyrical, and at the same time innovative touch.

The Sun Of Weakness come from different musical backgrounds, and the coexistence of different starting ideas  brings, in little more than two months, to the making of this first demo-cd.

Extremely elegant and soft is “The Sun Of  Weakness”, titletrack, that recalls floating atmospheres like those found in “Eternity” by Anathema, just to be clear…

Precious and absolutely personal is “Sunrise”: little more than 4 minutes to tell in music sensations of high intensity. A vocal work, the one of Alessandro, that develops during the whole song just like it was the only main instrument…accompanied by the soft contribution of Martina (guest) on keyboards and Maurizio on the acoustic guitar. An extremely simple song, yet of a great emotional impact that comes to an end with hints of electric guitars that sound like coming from another place…far and screeching.

From “Sunrise” we come to “Greatful Time”, structured fundamentally like the previous song: instruments that with much discretion come into the song one by one…helping creating the scaffolding of a splendid and intense emotional adventure. The rhythm is founded only on a programming work and bass that make songs less intrusive and more dreaming… as if we were not listening just music, yet living a sort of oniric moment. Faintly cadenced by chords, bass riffs and smooth and voluptuous guitars, “Illogic Creature” and “Breath Of The Fog” complete the demo always keeping that sense of muffled that underlines, in my opinion, a musical idea of remarkable interest.

Rating: 7,5/10  
Sara De Vita    28.11.2003
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