Vision Of The Truth 


I Need Light 

Sad Moon


Fearless Gladiator 

Step Into Nowhere




Diego Fogliacco -Voices, guitars and keyboards

Giorgio Barroccu - bass and keyboards Andrea Di Martino - drums

THE VOID: "Vision of the Truth"  the void    

                                                                                                                                                           My Kingdom Music (New Dawn series)

Recorded, mixed & mastered: at Void studios.

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Not up to the task.

Another mediocre cd from the New Dawn series…

The Italian band, active since 1998, comes out with a mediocre debut-album after a carrier of two demos and two promo-cd .

The style is an influenced gothic metal that only in some rare parts is able to involve the listener with atmosphere… Indeed there’s the commitment to create articulated structures  in which the atmosphere is mixed with the metal parts , but the result is not up to the task…and it’s undoubtedly under the average of the actual releases.

The voice doesn’t convince me at all and also the very poor production doesn’t give value to this album, that in my opinion, will not leave any trace!

It’s very tedious and forced the growl voice that is altered to clean parts that also denote lack of feelings and mediocrity in all senses.

The band says to be inspired by Moonspell , Paradise Lost and by some doom metal…but we’re very far from the mentioned bands.

As told before, the production is poor and very mediocre, also the essential arrangements are crummy.

The  medium length of the songs is about 5:30, and for me it’s very difficult to listen to the whole album…and I close this review in the hope to hear an absolutely better next release.

rating: 4/10  


Salvo Russo  26.05.2008  
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