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Solo project of 

Joe Preston. 

Thrones features all instruments. Including bass, drums, vocals and synth

THRONES: "Day late, Dollar short"           

Many of the tracks from "A Day Late, A Dollar Short" are taken from hard to find (ie. 7"s, cassettes, compilations, and collaborations with other bands) previous Thrones releases. The album also features some very rare and previously unreleased tracks. This is the first official Thrones release in five years.

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution   


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___                


A creative project to say the least. It tends to grow on you 


This one is difficult to but in a category. With 19 songs all relatively short compared to other albums, complete with amusing and odd names and an eclectic sounds. A bit of death, stoner doom, 80's synth vocals, heavy metal . Definitely a creative project to say the least. It tends to grow on you, because you are wanting to see what angle that the band is coming from.

This could make a great soundtrack to b-movie classic. For those of you that want something different, this is the album for you. I may repeat myself, this CD is weird, eclectic, odd, midgets on acid-???, twisted, creative, innovative. I really wasn't expecting this, the name tended to lead you to other conclusions to what kind of music this could be. Thrones Day Late, Dollar Short, I have to give this one 7/10.

rating:   7/10


Steve Rautner
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