Traces - 3.13

Blood - 5.36

Dreadful Angel - 6.52

Phantoms - 7.18

Born Of Ashes - 7.04

Parfum - 6.32

Obscure Oblivion - 6.17

Realm Of Dreams - 9.44




Julie Kiss - Vocals
Tom MacLean - Guitar
Paul Westwood - Drums
Lee Barrett - Bass
Hugo Sheppard - Keyboards

TO-MERA: "Transcendental"    to-mera         Candlelight Records

distributed by Irascible

review  by Gary Saul  ___                              


You will never know what to entirely 

expect from track to track


Hailing from South Oxfordshire, England,  the  quintet gives to us their debut release. Loosely Translated to-mera means "Land of the Pyramid". With a musical approach as every bit as interesting as their namesake  this group formulates their own unique sound through out  Transcendental . They weave a sonic patch quilt of many different styles of music . With such a wide variety of influences ranging from jazz to thrash the group at times seems almost dissonant and experimental . Upon listening to this release  the first time 'round , I must say , You will never know what to entirely expect from track to track. Always keeping it interesting and ever changing they are adept at entangling the listeners interest through-out the entire album.  Brett Caldas-Lima Helms the production once again after working with the group on their Demo in July of 2005. This being their first release on  a proper label ,they appear to have given it their all. the production is polished  and laid down smoothly. The only negative thing about the mix is the vocals. They seem to be more towards the background and not as up front as I would have liked them.

The opening track entitled Traces is more of an instrumental than a full song despite a play time of three minutes and some odd seconds. The first half  minute  consists of nothing more than a short A Capella bit by Julie Kiss. With an almost middle eastern "vibe" going on ,this feeling is reinforced when a sort of Qatar melds into the mixture. As the song progresses  an electric guitar drum and finally keys stagger their way in one by one. I'd say this track gives a good idea of the overall atmosphere to the album. A few other songs of prominence to touch on are blood and phantoms.  blood  has a "funky" kind of riff accompanied by some keys playing in the background  for a better part of this piece. the latter , phantoms , doesnt lean so much toward a progressive sound as the other track. the first half of the song has this epic air to it. coupled with some upper tempoed drumming and pipe organ keys this song makes a good symphonic metal piece. Of course dont assume that the arrangement isn't without its "jazzy"" sections ( it seems every song has one even if briefly). 

Over all I would have to say that this album is a decent one. There's something here for everyone I think. If you can handle the sudden shifts in genre and overall sound and then back again one should be able to enjoy this album quite a bit. 


rating: 6/10


Gary Saul   19.05.2007 


next concerts:

  • 28th May 2007 - with Octavia Sperati and Adastreia, Camden Underworld, London
  • 9th June 2007 - supporting Dream Theater, Newcastle City Hall
  • 9th August 2007 - Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic


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