Break Free 

Day by Day 

Descending Love

Robot Society 

Save the Youth 


The last Days 

Untitled Love




Skiddy Skidmore - Lead Vocals and Drums, 

Chia Watkins - Guitar and backing vocals, 

Riffster Coon - Guitar and backing vocals, 

Lateness Wilmot - Drummer and vocals, 

Red Bird Moore - Bass Guitar.

TOURNE: "Long Hard Road"                   


Tourne live in Belington, USA at Benefit Concert for Brian Stover   The Brian Stover Fund

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


There is no relief from 

head banging hell.


From the dark bowels of Belington and Grafton WV a sound was formed. It grew and deepened and took shape all the while honing its musical orgy in a chaotic deathlike pandemonium. This new mass took form and was called TOURNE. For over two years they have played in an ever widening area; developing the sound that Will be heard world wide! The world will recognize, TOURNE is Here! TOURNE will come for you!
The first album from 2007, called Long Hard Road consists of eight driving multi- leveled lyrical madness and pain. Good strong vocals and a bass that is consistent and clear layered with a lead that scours the flesh from the bones. Donít forget to steer clear of the sharp as nails drumming - there is no relief from head banging hell.  Robot Society and The Seeker are my favorites.

TOURNE is: Skiddy Skidmore - Lead Vocals and Drums, Chia Watkins - Guitar and backing vocals, Riffster Coon - Guitar and backing vocals, Lateness Wilmot - Drummer and vocals, and last but not least Red Bird Moore on Bass Guitar. Long Hard Road was recorded by TOURNE. 

A great first album from this hard working metal mammoth, which has already caught the attention of the metal world and the Metal Maiden. Stay tooned for Part 2 which will be the fiery interview from these decedent TOURNE titans of WV metal and later this year Part 3 which will be the new CD. 

rating: 8.5 / 10

Steve Rautner   28.08.2008
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