01. Joyless Trance Of Winter 
02. Carrier Of The Scars Of Life 
03. Frail Expectations 
04. Cold Hand Of Retribution 
05. Watch You Fall 
06. The Architect Of My Downfall 
07. Drink Away The Demons 
08. Point Zero 
09. Dry Well Of Life 
10. The Face Of Jealousy




Ronny Thorsen- vocals
Kjetil Nordhus- vocals
Runar Hansen- lead guitars
Terje Heiseldal- guitars
Kjell Rune Hagen- bass
Frank Roald Hagen- synths
Jonathan Perez- drums


TRAIL OF TEARS: "Free Fall into Fear"   trail of tears           

mastered at Finnvox Studio


review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                       

Everything is honest and good work!


Well, it seems that Ií ve been pretty lucky this month to get only good music to write reviews about! Trail of Tears  have definitively done a big step forward in the past years, so that they are able to present to the audience an interesting output, that make the listener want more!

Watching them live as opener for Therion I honestly had my doubts in this band, but  in fact the new album shows the qualities of ToT far better. Clean and rough vocals give to Free Fall into Fear a very individual note, and the hard electric guitars fit very well with the keyboard melodies that are spread through the whole cd and put a lot of positive tension into the music.

Sometimes ToT even drift into Black metal territories, but most of the time, they simply seal in the sometimes calm and sometimes rough waters of Hard metal. Also a lot progressive moments await us in this very interesting album, so that an aurea of elder Vintersong, Morgul or even Borknagar floats sometimes through the speakers, but this paragons are only caught to explain a little bit of the atmosphere created, because the music itself  is  far too individual to be described as a copy of the former named. Perhaps sometimes some riff could have a little more of identity to remain impressed into ones mind, but for the rest everything is honest and good work!

A very good production is also granted, also due to the fact, that the new cd has been produced at the Finnvox studios. So what comes from there nowadays always has a very high sound quality.

In my opinion a very well done, even surprising album where the listener is able to see how much work and spirit the composer has put in it!

rating: 8/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi       14.04.2005
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