No Return

Do It Again


Garden of serenity



Loosing Heart


Doesn't Matter





Reto (Drums)

Jessi (Guitar)

Resus (Bass)

Bucher (Vocals)

TREEKILLAZ: "Leaving last"     treekillaz            

Recorded in Fear and Loathing Studio in  Stockholm

review  by Desiree "Shagarth" Güthlin____      

For people who like the sound like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chain or even also Nirvana, this album is worthwhile in any case.  

The fact that Switzerland has to offer some rather good bands of rock and metal, might be probably aware to most fans of these sounds. The 4-man band Treekillaz from Biel (CH) belongs to it with certainty.

Treekillaz call her style "Intense rock" themselves, I would call it hardcore rock. I would like to write here about their album "Leaving of load" appeared in 2005, which was taken up in 2004 in the Fear and Loathing studios with the producer's team, consisting of Zak, Bard and Jocke by Clawfinger, in Stockholm.

The new album encloses 10 strong rock songs which come across nicely hard but also emotionally.

After the insertion of the disc, “Refugee” begins with quieter drum/-guitar-parts and then the song joins and Bucher’s voice start first slowly and quietly, and then the music becomes all of sudden loudly, hard and above all fully of pressure and barely If I heard some parts, the disc reminds me, nevertheless, also a bit of Clawfinger (which had a tour together with Treekillaz in 2003).

I have not heard often too much to such a clear likeable voice in this music area yet, simply perfectly. You can hear the joy in the music.

One of my favorites on this disc is “Do It Again”. Beating this "masterpiece" and the vocals begins "broken" and with a lot of punk influence appear. Thus a song must sound to arrange it on the favorite's list on the top.

Guitar reefs like they could not have been better in this case, rock of the finest one.

No Return”, “Mansnake”, and also “Evidence” belongs to be songs which already stamp themselves after the first hearing well and which you do not forget so fast again, nice melodies, voice are used at the right places (at Evidence the voice could be a bit better from the position of sound) and in general, bass, guitar and drums well fit together with each other.

Loosing Heart” begins with banging reefs, in the beginning it is a bit monotonously, but however, suddenly faster tempo allows to still refresh this song, nevertheless.

Garden Of Serenity” was written by The Ramones, and it is introduced as tributes what has also succeeded, however, Bucher’s voice could be a little bit used in this song. Beside Bucher, Clawfingers Frontman Zak Tell also comes to the train and takes over some vocal-parts.

The last song is “Doesn't Matter”, a rather ballad-like, influenced by sluggish song, of slowly controlled reefs and rather harmonious drum parts. But exactly this makes the song so pleasant and for fans of rock ballads it is always listenable. Another ballad-active song becomes with “Mockingbird”, and also “Waterfall” belongs to bee a subdued songs.

Result: For people who like the sound like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chain or even also nirvana is this album worthwhile in any case. Grunge-rock, fully of pressure and hard, and, nevertheless emotionally, and also punk influence appear which lends a special air to the music.

rating: 9/10


Desiree Güthlin    
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