MercysideSanguine Sky
Open Ground
The Ravens
Destination Departure
Ab Initio (bonus track)
  Østen Bergøy - Vocals
Anders Høyvik Hidle - Guitar
Svein Terje Solvang - Guitar 
Rune Østerhus - Bass
Einar Moen - Synth and programming
Kenneth Olsson - Drums

TRISTANIA: "Illumination"    tristania       SPV

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


Transformed to take your mind 

on a roller- coaster ride.

One of the greatest extreme Metal bands that renewed my interest in the genre! Way back in 1999 on my first trip to Austria, I was in now defunct Libra listening to some music to purchase for the upcoming trip and was recommended "Beyond the Veil" by the beautiful woman that worked there. When the music of choirs and symphonic arrangements flooded my head followed by tri-vocal barrage I was astounded! Metal never sounded so incredible! Little did I know, that I would be carried away by what was to be called the 'Second Wave of Metal'.

After what seemed like many long years World of Glass was released minus one of the creative outlets of the band. Once again I was shocked by the sound that was being emitted from my MP3 player. Not entirely Gothic but progressive and just as powerful. This was followed by Ashes and now Illumination, each one continually more advanced and creative. Edgy, loud, disparaging and throughly destructive each song carries the listener without dropping interest. Every CD is totally different and that is great!

The newest one Illumination, is minus Kjetil Ingebrethsen on vocals but seems to regroup with resounding effect (though not as heavy as the past CDs) with Østen Bergøy and Vibeke Stene. Vibekes' classically trained, soothing yet haunting call you are enticed into the song to be lost in darkness and despair. The choirs and various voices ricochet around your head crying, shouting and chanting in tune to the music that is twistedly coiled masterfully around your senses. Each album you tell yourself "I been here before, I know the way through the songs landscape" but you are tragically mistaken as they are never the same. Beautifully transformed to take your mind on a roller- coaster ride.

 The surface is smooth and cold
But underneath the blood always boils

rating: 10/10 


my favorites being; The Ravens, Sacrilege and Lotus.


Steve Rautner  14.09.2007
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