Stay Hungry

We're Not Gonna Take It 

Burn In Hell

Horror Teria:
- Captain Hondy
- Street Justice

I Wanna Rock 

The Price

Don't Let Me Down

The Beast


Never Say Never (Lost Track 1984)

Blastin Fast & Loud (Lost Track 1984)

Come Back (Bonustrack 2004)

Plastic Money (Bonustrack 2004)

You Know I Cry (Bonustrack 2004) 

Rock'n'Roll Saviors (Bonustrack 2004)

Heroes Are Hard To Find (Old Bonustrack)




A.J. Pero (drums) 

Mark Mendoza (bass)

Dee Snider (vocals) 

Jay Jay French (guitars) 

Eddie Ojeda (guitars)


TWISTED SISTER: "Still hungry"           twisted sister                

produced by Marc Mendoza - Pie Studios - Glen Cove, NY (U.S.A.)


review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

Grab a beer and tune to the max. Twisted Sister simply rocks

Alright! The classic Twisted Sister re-recorded and with descent sound, it sounds better than ever before and I can’t find a reason why someone should not go out there and buy it if he doesn’t own it already. But even if you own it, the new version sounds much better and plus the bonus tracks it’s a very tempting package! The title track ‘Stay hungry’ which opens the album is a classic and it needs no introduction. Of course the track that follows, ‘We’re not gonna take it’ is probably among the most famous songs that were written in the 80’s. ‘Burn in hell’ and ‘Horror-teria’ are again 2 great songs and ‘I wanna rock’ which follows belongs in the same category with ‘We’re not gonna take it’, another song that belongs to the best and most famous songs of the 80’s. ‘The Price’, ‘Don’t let me down’, ‘The Beast’ and ‘Smf’ are the songs that complete this classic album.

Then there are the bonus tracks, 7 in total from which 4 are re-recorded in 2004. The re-recorded songs are ‘Come back’, ‘Plastic Money’, ‘You know i cry’, ‘Rock n Roll Savior’. These 4 re-recordings are the perfect additions to this re-release. No comments about these 4 songs, they belong right there along with the classics mentioned above. Last 3 bonus tracks are ‘Never say Never’, ‘Blastin fast & loud’ (recorded in 2001 but using the original drumtracks of A J Pero of 1984) and ‘Heroes are hard to find’ (version of 1998).

Albums like this one really don’t need many comments and when they are getting advantage of today’s technology and become even better then the grade has little importance because it can’t be anything beyond a clear 10. It’s even more necessary for someone to own this album in the year 2004 even if he still owns it. Make a gift to yourself and get this album of pure rock n roll/heavy metal or call it whatever you like. Grab a beer and tune the volume to the max. Twisted Sister simply rocks.


rating: 10/10  


Dimitris Theodoropoulos
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