1.The Calling Of Sin (3:45)

2. Soul Disment (4:00)

3. Eyes Of Lost (5:02)

4. Decimated (3:38)

5. Cross Contamination (4:54)

6. Denuciation „The Cursed“ (3:28)

7. Entrenched Warfare (3:45)

8. Torn Apart (2:42)

9. Under Existence (3:16)

10. Torrential Reign (3:03)

11. The Apparition (1:33)

Jerry Mortellaro - guitar

Paul Ouelette - bass, vocals

Kelly McLauchlin - guitar

Aantar Lee Coates - drums



UNHOLY GHOST: "Torrential Reign"        unholy ghost   

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                                     

UNHOLY GHOST is a band from Florida USA. The actual members of this Death Metal combo have played in the past in bands like DIABOLIC and PESSIMIST, so that due to their experience the this debut CD is a very well done piece of noise!

The production is well done, every instrument can be heard very well, the drum and the guitar sound have enough punch to animate to genuine headbanging but don’t loose in transparence, the bass sound fits perfectly and completes very well the whole instrumental section. The vocals are enough loud, but don’t cover the rest of the sound, so that the listener is able to concentrate on what he just prefers in that moment.


The music itself is quality proof Death Metal in its purest essence. In the band info the music of this very interesting group is put in relation with MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN, CANNIBAL CORPSE and NILE, but the sound of the former named is in my humble opinion more complex and not as „in your face“ as the compositions of UNHOLYGHOST. 

If you put together some riffs of VOMITORY, the vocals of MALEVOLENT CREATION at „Retribution“ times but a little deeper and a drummer that has been spit out from the deepest and darkest hell, you will have an approximate idea of what apocalyptic mixture is expecting to eat you alive after pushing the „play“ button of the hi-fi! The term „in your face“ fits very well to the eleven compositions (well, the last track is in fact an outro), every note punches as hard as a heavyweight boxer! Every song variates in speed and riffing and is recorded with clinical precision (listen specially to the really amazing drums!!). Sometimes you'll find your head almost blasted away, and in the next moment you can get caught by a sick midtempo riff that pulls you down into madness. So the only thing I can say to everyone interested in  fast and hard Death metal is to go to the next record store and to check this band out! I hope to hear more of them in the future and to see them on stage as soon as possible!!


Rating: 8.5/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi  

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