1. Veil

2. Lows of Crime

3. Your Blood

4.  Voices

5.  Sooth Sayer

6. Victimize

cid - guitar and vocals
uccio - drum
edgar - vocals
pepi - bass

UN-KIND: "Hurts to the Core"           un-kind            Vacation House

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

A very cadenced nu-metal developing on very good ideas proposed in massive doses of tempo variations, rounded and surrounding bass riffs and a driving drum work, relentlessly hammering.

Stout riffs of guitar oppose to “musical movement” more articulated and various. Interesting indeed is the vocal interpretation of Cid that goes in a sort of symbiosis with the strings of his guitar and his throat. This is “Veil”, the first song of Hurts To The Core by Un-Kind.

The band's style is delineated enough in “Lows Of Crime”: rhythmic riffs that scratch the vinyl plane of an overbearing and incisive drumming. A heavy and aggressive sound, with a fluid and modulate bass work supporting the rhythm of hammering drums, recreating a sonic chaos that confuses and pleases.

Very good ideas, yet only partly developed. Un-Kind’s music is a musical embryo that has yet to develop in full, but that carries inside all the power to become a true revelation.

It is shown in “Your Blood” and “Voices”, songs in which the band unbalance itself, proposing a more evolutive (and sometimes deaftonian) sound, managing to recreate a good heterogeneity !!!

Games of rhythm and cadenced guitar work are a reference for the vocals, in an optimal musical assemblage.

At this point of the work, the band raises the stakes, remarking the more rhythmic and aggressive sound, where riffs are machine gun bullets and the voice is the air they cleave as they hit their mark, we... target of their musical intentions. These are “Sooth-Sayer” and “Victimize”, the last two songs in the CD.

All in all a very personal sound that will take the band far. Now only time and experience will allow these guys to balance their ideas and follow their own path…good luck !!!

Rating: 7.5/10

Sara De Vita  

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