Through the Gate

The nordic Stormbringer


Seed of Evil

The Hour of the Dead 

The immortal Emperor 


Blaspherion - guitar, vocals

Necron - guitar

Lamia - keyboards

Tartaros -  bass

Lord Grond - drums


UNLIGHT : "The Nordic Stormbringer"           unlight  


review  by Jarno "Count Sylfen" Wilde____     

The second CD from Unlight, Swiss German Black Metal, contains 6 songs with a total length of 33 minutes.
When I hear the name Unlight, it reminds me of Marduk's album 'Those of the Unlight'. I must say that some  of the songs from Unlight have the same quality as Marduk's music. Same aggression and comparable furious parts. From hyperspeed drums and fast guitar riffs to clean guitars accompanied by keyboard passages. 
The production is sometimes a bit too clean for an underground band but I guess this could be a good step forward. They got a good balance between vocals, guitars, keyboard and drums. Maybe the bass guitar and the hyperspeed double bass lies a little to deep in the mix.

Opener 'Through the Gate' kicks off with a drum intro for a few seconds and then they really pull 
you through their gate. This song is a good opener, it really gets your attention, because of the first 
guitar-riff which is a real ear-catcher. There are some black metal clichés but what the fuck; it sounds 
really nice in the ears. My personal favourite is 'The Nordic Stormbringer', because it's a bit of old school Black Metal with some keyboards on it. In this song you can hear some influences from Dark Funeral, Marduk  and Anorexia Nervosa, only then with less dominant keyboards. The keyboards aren't used that much but when they are they create a moody atmosphere.
I've looked at their site (www.unlight.org) for some information about the band and I saw that they
haven't got any record label. With this CD and some good promotion I guess this band will be on their way to get some gigs all over Europe.

Rating: 7/10

Jarno Wilde  

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