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1. The Lost Way 
2. Clinic For Dolls 
3. Time 
4. Mockers
5. Not Enough
6. The Last Tear 
7. Home 
8. I Ceased
9. A Single Touch 
10. Why (Tipp)


Aya (Annelyse Stefanowicz)

Mauser (Maurycy Stefanowicz; ex Vader)


Filip "Heinrich" Halucha (Bass, Vesania); Wawrzyniec "Vaaver" Dramowicz (Schlagzeug, Indukti)

UNSUN: "Clinic For Dolls"   Foto von UnSuN Official      Mystic  Production

review  by Salvo Russo____   

Melodic Gothic today.

After the good debut album, UnSuN comes back with their melodic gothic metal, that nothing will change in the gothic metal’s world but I’m sure it’ll be appreciated by all those who likes bands like DELAIN, EVANESCENCE, TRISTANIA & C, also they make a touch of personality in the whole sound of the songs.

New album Clinic For Dolls coming soonPhoto by Hi Res Studio

Aya’s vocals are good and are able to express at the top the potentiality of every song; Perfect arrangements and a  great production gives value to this album that represents all what melodic gothic is today….a style in which the songs are full of melancholic parts , played with an excellent sound that takes care of every aspect…Unsun perfectly makes this kind of music…and the proof is the atmosphere created by every song of this album that goes from gothic to modern metal to alternative metal!!!
The melody is the essence of these songs ; try to listen to the title track that is based on a beautiful refrain full of power in which the sensual Anna’s voice makes the charm!

Shoot from the set of singel Home...available soonNew album ,Clinic For Dolls  available from 11 October
The use of electronic into arrangements is more evident but it’s perfectly integrated into the songs...I like “Time” that gets an unforgettable melody into a very great song…in which the band shows us how well they play…
“Mockers” is another killer song, in which Anna is supported by a band that is able to play with a very incredible power …and this contrast between the delicate and charming Anna’s voice and the power of the sound makes it all a very great music! If someone tells that they are too much” easy-listening” you shouldn’t listen to them!!! The band based their music on melodies and do that in a great way!! If you’re looking for another kind of style…this review is useless for you!
The band is able to create incredible pop anthem into metal song….to understand what I say try to listen to “Not enough” in which the band continues to amaze me in a great way!!!
The ballad “The last tear” gets an incredible intensity…the piano and the voice evoke a magic touch!!! It’s a dreaming  song that cannot be forgotten…too much beautiful...I cant’ but do my personal praises to the bands…able to create this atmosphere…
The album  goes on with others killing tracks…like “Home” the great melodic “I Cesead”, but another pearl (for me) is “A single touch” that is involved by a great arrangements …an amazing melody, but also by an incredible pathos in every part…both in the strophe and in the refrain!
The album is closed by “Why” that, in my opinion, doesn’t get the same excellent pathos of other songs.

Finally I can say this is the conformation of a great band, that improves all what they made in the debut album…Another great ballad  would have given another bit more of value to this great album!!!

For all those who likes modern melodic gothic metal!


Salvo  Russo   27.12.2010

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