1. Intro 
2. Massmurderers Heaven 
3. Reanimation Of Hate 
4. Breaking The Noise 
5. Stick It Out 
6. Fear 
7. Neighbour In Hell 
8. Liberation 
9. Supernova Fake 
10. Dead End 
11. Resistance 
12. My Mirror 
13. Wrath Of Misery 


Daniela Waletzky - Vocals
Jan Weigel - Guitars
Ralf Winzer - Bass
Olaf Heuer - Drums

UPPERCUT: "Reanimation of Hate"             uppercut         

Music & Lyrics Uppercut
produced, mixed & mastered by Stephan Kern & Uppercut at Wasteland Studio in Wolfsburg

review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

The rhythmic section rules souvereign and the   "Sinister" vocals amaze!

Thrash still propels much of the best metal expression and much of the underground vitality; then, when mixed with Death and/or Black or even with a good Rock'n Roll/Heavy metal  touch, Thrash can deliver moments of intense vibes. Between the supreme fast hyperassaulting  Napalm Death  and the sympathetic beeralcoholic Tankard there is a broad range of gradations and nuances. A range where we can  meet Uppercut. I'm quite glad to propose to you this four piece German/Swiss band founded in October 1997 by drummer Olaf and vocalist Dani. Since October 2003 they have a stable line up with Ralf as bass-player and Jan (who already joined the band in 2001) changing, in the meanwhile, from bass to guitar. In 2004, " our" four guys release through the German GUC the full length "Reanimation of Hate". Reanimation of Hate attacks us with a lively pounding uptempo, in which the rhythmic section prevails and rules sovereign. Nonetheless there is also the pleasure to be cut by constant lead guitar presence which accompany the musical phrases, acting both as properly leader - extemporaneity (with darting solos like in Fear and Neighbour in Hell) as well as reinforcement of the rhythmics . Though these powerful rhythmic hammering walls don't present nothing innovative, being actually very close to  the old school, they are extremely involving anyway, they sound fresh, they are well proposed,  spiced up with  Heavy metal/Rock appeal, and irresistibly moshing- evoking. Let's slamdance at the sound of Breakin' the Noise, the only track which reminds of the unstoppable compression of old Metallica. Let's slamdance at the sound of Fear, or Wrath of Misery, Stick it out. And however, just pick up one track and  bet you won't be disappointed. Uppercut try  moreover to be varied in their songs, and surely they able to escape from  Metallica schemes (detectable only in a couple of songs). Uppercut set the ideal base for an aggressive yet enjoyable riff- laden music with devastating attitude but soaked with Rocking tendencies  which  swells into violent tones. From the short crescendo intro that  paves the way  for  the first track Massmurderers Heaven , passing through Neighbour in Hell, Liberation and Supernova Fake, till  the final Wrath of Misery, we have countless  addictive crunchy stakkato- ostinato extensions. Neighbour in Hell (one of my fav) sounds quite different from the rest with a wider use of mid-tempo and a distinctive rocking intro. Liberation is equilibrated between slower and faster passages. Dead End is aggressive, evil and rolling with a remarkable bass presence. Supernova Fake tells us that the band can master very well tempo-  changes in the middle of a launched proceeding. 

In few words, Uppercut put us under a fresh and enthusiastic push,  providing robust structured loops and the  force of the underground dedication. The only song i personally don't like is  My Mirror, which i consider too forced and less natural than all other tracks, but this is a matter of taste.  The technique is quite varied too, while the sound and the general care in the production are satisfactory . Songs like   Neighbour in HellDead End and Resistance provide good refrains which remains in our mind: if this characteristic is enhanced in future, by  inserting even more memorable phrases  on such a mighty skeleton and well prepared frame, Uppercut could definitely kick some serious ass. All in all  their proposal is so well done , so strong, so enjoyable, so  pit oriented and authentic, that they sincerely deserve to get 8 points out of 10, being  Reanimation of Hate over the average level and brutal enough to (re)animate the most demanding Thrashers.  And even more if you consider the vocals: Uppercut's vocals are absolutely amazing. Never i  get the impression that a woman holds  the microphone here. Her voice sounds absolutely "male". Daniela's death brutal growls (at times morphed into a kind of veiled evil screaming) have nothing to do with gentle feminine gothic boredom, they are pure "male frontman" capacity indeed. Alleluja! In the wake of Arch Enemy and Sinister, Uppercut's pretty Dani is doing an excellent work. 

rating:   8/10


dalia di giacomo    
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