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1. Silent Cries
2. Other Side
3. Stand Alone
4. Fly away
5. Crying
6. Celebrate Nothing
7. Another Day
8. Cold
9. Goodbye Despair (Pt. I)
10. Celebrate Nothing (Edit Version)


Marcos César


Tiago Borges


Jon Van Dave




João Coroa




URBAN  TALES: "Loneliness Still Is The Friend"   Foto von Urban Tales 

The band started to record the second album in 2009 and joined the famous producer Dave Chang to work in the first single "Stand Alone".

Their discography includes a full length album, "Diary of a No" (2007), a 3 song EP, "Alive" (2008) and a demo "Urban Tales" (2006).

review  by Salvo Russo____   

Good album, full of pathos, sad romanticism.


It’s not a surprise for me to listen to this come back with great pleasure.. 4 years of wait  result in a good album from this talented Portuguese band … Urban Tales keeps alive the passion for a kind of gothic rock/metal  that is a perfect mix between the typical “sweet” approach of gothic Finnish bands and the  more aggressive sound that could be near to Paradise Lost…
As  the tradition wants it…there are very aching ballads…I underline them because in my personal opinion the band is able to release very amazing song.  

Let’s take into consideration the first single, supported also by a nice video clip …it calls “Stand Alone”.
The song is full of melancholy, I appreciate the lyrics of this song (like most of this album) in which the band shows all the sadness with the use of  uncomplicated and melancholic words….I'm sure that everyone could find a personal meaning along with  a touch of sweet sadness  in the lyrics of "Stand Alone"…

The album begins with the killer track  “Silent Cries”: an attack of pure modern gothic rock/metal …the band arranges the song with a very good work made by guitars that creates good arpeggios and riffs…the melody fits into this structure….
“Other side” is a good yet not  a very inspiring song characterized by a classic mood in which the band doesn’t find the perfect solution.
Shadows from  The Mission historic wave-rock band 80’s style are in the strophe of  “Fly Away” …the refrain gets an approach gothic metal oriented….

The obscure “Crying” is cadenced and absolutely involving, it truly seems a cry in the dark…well arranged, in which piano & guitars join together for a perfect mood, sung  by Marcos with the usual class.
The next “Celebrate Nothing” reminds me of recent  Paradise Lost, both for vocals and structure of the song.

Urban Tales  always shows  interesting ideas ; “Another Day” gets  an easy refrain that is able to involve the listener since the begin…I notice that the band doesn’t change the composition approach for what concerns the classic structure, and the use of arrangements is about the same….but as long as they get good ideas, it’s a perfect  recipe for success.

The use of loops is sporadic, but it’s perfect...and I like also the next “Cold” that is still another good song characterized by another good refrain…
The magic “Goodbye Despair I” is a piano suite full of sadness as tradition for gothic bands wants it.
The last song “Celebrate Nothing edit” closes this album with a a little bit repetitive mood (in comparison with the whole album) because it’s doesn’t get the charm of the other songs.

In conclusion I say that this is a good album, full of pathos, sad romanticism that reminds to the best tradition of the first decade of this century.


Salvo  Russo   18.03.2011

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