path I rest in pain
path II posthuman kind
path III lumen clamosum
path IV god the lux
path V synchroscheme
path VI phosphorror
path VII lumen funescum
path VIII the mystory
path IX fireclipse
path X lumen coruscum
*path XI mask ill
path XII legions are me
path XIII inlustra nigror




Orion - Guitars and Vocals
Daray - Drums and Percussion
Siegmar - Keymaster
Heinrich - Bass


VESANIA: "God the Lux"            vesania                         

Comparing to the Polish version, the worldwide release will feature one extra track and will be published with a different artwork.    

Drums, guitars and vocals recorded at 'Hendrix' studio, Lublin, engineered by Arkadiusz 'malta' Malczewski.
Bass guitar recorded at 'Kokszoman' studio, Warsaw, engineered by 'Marecki'.
Keyboards recorded at Siegmar's home studio by himself.

Mixed and mastered in February 2005 in hertz studio, Bialystok, by Slawek & Wojtek Wieslawski and Vesania

release date - 25th July

preview - review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   


"To be creatures of light you might never expect"


Maybe, as consequence of their history, Poland is a place with a deep holy or and unholy spirit, where evilness can sign a pact with  an aesthetic enchantment. Poland is a land of Christianity and Antichristianity, the land of  Black/Death and Death metal bands like Vader,  Behemoth, Decapitated.  I think that Poles have a lot of  inborn sensibility for interpreting  the dark message of infernal mysticism. Vesania, symbolized by an  original sharp Pentagram, comes indeed from Poland , having in its ranks 2 musicians engaged in nothing less than Vader (drummer  Daray) and Behemoth (Orion, bass in Behemoth) , both founding  and mastermind  members of Vesania. We should know Vesania since 1997, but practically i think that  they can get a larger audience right  with this second album "God the Lux", focused on the assonance deluxe - the lux. The Lux from Latin  the Light, or something else? Nonetheless the concept of light seems underlined by the word lumen (faint light or lamp) recurring as title 3 times for  3 mainly instrumental/avantgarde short tracks. Fort the rest we have to deal  with spheric/symphonic Black,  full of aggressive and mighty rhythmic attacks though, and these latter  make of this combo  something really heavy and pounding, and not only merely cold and atmospheric. Manager Mariusz Kmiołek  (massive Management) says: "I do believe this is a band with a really big potential, something special among other groups. Their second album "God The Lux" proves these guys sooner or later will become another great force coming from Poland." Yes, he might be right: if  Vesania would compose  ALL  songs with the same genius that the brilliant Fireclipse, Synchroscheme, and God the Lux (title track)  have, they would be  unstoppable.  


"God the Lux" opens with Rest in Pain,  enough good mix of harsh hatred and elegant tenebrous un-sacredness. Actually Rest in Pain  is a straight- in- the -face way to open, but it is optimal cause it pretty sums up  the best characteristics of the album: Vocals are abrasive , hoarse and harsh;  Torrents of relentless aggressive drumbeats enriched by  smoother  blastbeats represent one of the best percussion actually heard in this genre. The guitar rhythmic is killing and able to rise mighty walls of riffs which  erupt in front of a solemn ominous background carpet of keys. An almost monumental sacred  picture emerges from the very atmospheric background, at times  epic, at times symphonic, cold like a temple. Dimmu Borgir and Limbonic Art  are not very far. But despite the fact that their atmosphere is monumental and protagonist (massive yet not too bombastic), the rage and aggression of the rhythmic is  never suppressed, never suffocated, showing, on the contrary, even some old school feeling , which  is also a "plus" point for the production. This makes the album after all various enough.

In this first track you can perceive a touch of avantgarde also, especially in the  very beginning, a touch that will  surface here and there under the form of short instrumental/ambience/ spoken  breaks, the already mentioned  "Lumen"'s .They are like passages , stages, bridges.  We have 3 lumen's, the first of which  is the Lumen clamosum, very distorted and noisy at  its beginning , developing itself  then in a slowly solemn cosmic gap and fading into the formidable God the Lux

Beware! The song God the Lux is a killer and the best track  so far of this album. Not by chance is the title track. It is the peak. In this track, the relentlessness, inexorability and unmercifulness of the mighty rhythmic (drums guitar bass) is hyperpounding, brutal and entwined with  ear-catcher- loops that violate . God the Lux is strong, effective and combines the already detected  elegance of ambience with all the powerful criteria of dark/hammering metal between fast and midtempo. It can be  a live winner, and surely a track that can appeal Deathers too, God the Lux is able to create a maelstrom of heaviness, at times turning into  a fierce Melodic Death. Deathers should  be interested also in the following Synchroscheme, where Death Black and Epic are united in a sort of apocalypse, that reminds very much to the latest Dimmu Borgir.  

Phosphorror is the typical track that unleashes the demon of bloody nightmares. It is a dome of damnation, among unholy choruses and vortex of rhythmics,  it ends with the third lumen:  Lumen funescum, which is, like the other lumen's, again  a short  instrumental /avantgarde /distortion noise, very space oriented, followed by an explosion of strong  melodic Black: The Mystory. The Mystory delivers a fierce melodic atmospheric Black with good stressed  tremolo pickings, but in spite  of all  this rich technique of first class, which myself  usually appreciate a lot indeed,  the song appears long (though it isn't)  and boring,  though it was surely not the intention: it is incredible to ends up in  boredom , walking  that  way you have chosen  in order to escape from it. Much better the following  Fireclipse  which is tremendous, blasting and harsh, brutal and elegant at the same time, enhanced by a constant elastic drumming and passages of steamrolling rhythmic guitars who should be appreciated by Nile and Runemagick fans. Finally, with Fireclipse  we meet again a great  track of evilness and mighty metal, with the usual carpet of choruses and cold monumentality. Lumen coruscum is very short but nice, it could be represented by an  ethereal but menacing choir of light  surrounding a cosmic divinity,  and  acts as intro for  Legions are  me, who mixes avantgarde, distortion, symphonic and eruption of guitars as molten lava but without that biting intensity of some previous tracks....But then someone explains me please what happens with the track 12? Inlustra Nigror is (apparently??) nothing, mute, zero,  and only after 24:48 mins (?!?) surfaces a nice wide melodic loop,   nice though repetitive and being more an adventurous chill out then a Black element. I could easily say: no, we have better to do than waiting or fast forwarding through 25 minutes. But i have a doubt,  the question is now, is it possible that this track doesn't practically exist? Is it possible such  big nonsense, or do we miss something here....? What is the meaning? (well, Vesania have reached their purpose, i see)


Vesania do have a  cosmic/futuristic  soft spot, nonetheless they remain a down -to- earth elegant spheric/sympho Black of great  aggressiveness and adequate brutality,  the general  result is interesting and fresh. They don't break barriers in the same way Akercocke do, they are no such  big avantgarde/experimental sensation, but maybe it is even better so, cause what they propose is satisfactory, morbid enough, played well (impressive the drumming),  with interesting lyrics and a very good level of heaviness which is so  shining , i  repeat  again, in a couple of excellent tracks which make the album well worth  to be bought . Cool,  those 25 minutes of "black-niger" silence apart.


but there was the one, who stood upon godliness
one, who confronted, one who brought the light
unfold the realm of torture dementia
threw their masks away
forgiven he never was


rating: 8/10  

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