1. Beast

2. Trigger Needs Some Action

3. High On Fire

4. Deadicate

5. Life Corrupted

6. Deathrash

7. Boots Of Led

8. A Vicious Mind

9. The Feeder of Evil

Ponius Pettersson - guitar

Fredrik Eriksson - drums, backing vocals

Simon Jarrolf - guitar

Henrik Wenngren - vocals

Captain Carcass - bass

VICIOUS: "Vile, Vicious & Victorious"         vicious            

review by Gianrichy "Richy" Giamboi ___                                     

Now we come to an other debut of another talented band. VICIOUS play a nowadays rather „en vogue“ mixture of Thrash and Melodic Death Metal like for example HATESPHERE or DIMENSION ZERO.

This record is very well produced, a fact that is fortunately not so rare as ten years ago, when most of the newcomers had to fight  with sometimes really bad sound and the poor listener was almost driven into madness while trying to hear out of a potpourri of different noise even the most simple and elementar melody.

The vocals in Vile Vicious & Victorious are shouted and very aggressive, the guitars and bass are on a very high technical level and the drummer does his best to hit ones brain out by hammering without mercy like a berzerker on his kit!

The stile of Vile Vicious & Victorious is nothing really new in fact, but VICIOUS achieve to create a very intense  and powerful piece of music. 

In despite of the really high technical level of the four instrumental players, each song has its personal note, sometimes due to a few murderer Thrash riffs, sometimes due to a beautiful melody (Boots Of Led), sometimes due to a virtuous guitar solo, so that is rather easy to get an overwiev over the nine compositions of this record. As listening recommendation, I would name track Nr. 4 (Dedicate) where all of the bands best qualities are shown in a really impressive way by mixing in a very catchy way thrash riffs with beautiful melodies and groovy Death Metal midtempo. 

VICIOUS have done a very good debut, the only thing to criticize can perhaps be that little bit of lack of identity that can make a band in ist own way special, but I’ m optimistic, that this will be done with the second record of this very interesting group.


Rating: 8/10  


Gianrichy Giamboi  

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