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written  by 
Gianrichy Giamboi





Deafening Silence

The New Age Of Chaos

Suicide Warfare

Sentenced To Live

The Burning Shrines

Ritual Decapitation

World Hunt





Colin Davis - Guitars

Juan Urteaga - Vocals

Jack Gibson (Exodus) - Bass

Tyson Jupin - Drums

VILE: "The new Age of Chaos"                     vile                  

Recorded by founding member and death metal producer Colin Davis

"This new CD is a sort of concept album that deals with the realities and horrors of a modern war with fundamentalist Islam"

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution   





Captivating brutality.


A pretty surprising album is the third longplayer presented by Vile. American Death metal has always been their style, and this has not changed, but this time I think, the band has found the way to an original and individual way of interpretation.

Very precise and brutal work, and with some blast less as in the past here and there, Vile have found a very “clean” sound, where every instrument has its right place. Transparent yet powerful, ass kicking and brutal, this record makes a very good impression. Specially the guitar sound is in my eyes almost a little bit revolutionary, as I had the impression, that first time in brutal Death Metal history the gain button of the amps was not open at its maximum during the recording sessions.

The songs are, as said, generally a little more in the midtempo regions as in the past. Well timed breaks and guitar solos full of virtuality characterise also this cd and the lots of doublebass passages hammer finally every song violently in the listeners head.

Vile are in my eyes one of the few American Death metal bands that are able to write catchy songs. The obvious technical and compository talent of these guys and the enduring touring has make the band grow, so that with “New age of Chaos” Vile can be counted to one of the best bands in this genre.

This is an album where I didn't find any special weakness except from the short duration of itself. I recommend to everyone is interested in captivating brutality. Some modern influences ( like for example the last riff in "Sentenced to live", that reminds me in a certain way of Korn) give the whole a little special touch and avoids eventually upcoming boringness. As I don’t had the luck to see them one stage yet, I really wonder how Vile sounds in live situation, and hope to have this luck in the coming months.


rating: 8,5/10           13.10.2005



written  by Gianrichy Giamboi  




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