1. Amaranth
2. Deep inside of me
3. Anthold
4. My friend
5. If instead
6. Rosemary
7. Day by day
8. No time to argue
9. Taste the star
10. Somewhere memories
11. Synapse

12. Reverse (outro)



AvantGarde: Vocals 

Hate ( Dave Warrior ): Guitar

Raff: Bass

Max: Drums

Deadman: Drums, DJ, Samples


VOLTAGE: "A World beyond"     voltage      self produced

review by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

A good work indeed for the Voltage, Italian band demonstrating since the very first notes great professionalism, technique, and inventiveness. Good ideas for a sound that can be defined Post-Metal.

13 years of experience in the Italian underground that smoothed all the corners and dissolve all the imperfections that a band could have in the beginning, to then give life to an excellent work: A World Beyond.

Complex sonorities that entwine in Prog virtuoso bits and Nu metal interpretations. So to be clear we go from the hypnotic musicality a la Tool mingled with the grace of Alice In Chains, and put together by the raging sound of Pantera.

Very good ideas, especially in rhythm solutions of bass and drums, in “Amaranth” and “Unthold Cries”.

Cristiano Pagani’s voice is worth noting from the beginning to the end of the CD, sided by the virtuous guitar of Dave Warrior. Moving song is “Day By Day” carrying A World Beyond to the apex of its originality.

The sound fades as we dive into “Somewhere M.”, to be reborn in the fantastic “Oy-Synapse”, along that with its captivating and strong sound marks the smooth slip into “Outro-Reverse”, last song of this work… a work supported by a clear artistic maturity, basic scaffold on which a good musical production is built.

Too bad, however, for a production a bit imprecise and bare, yet highly justified by musical reasons strong and interesting.

rating: 7.5/10

Sara De Vita  


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